BRCA Bike National Round 2 at ADUR 2019



Peter Vater continued his winning start to the 2019 National Series in the Moto2 Class. In a closely contested event Peter was pushed right to the end by both Darren Johnson and Gary Sims, both of who started their 2019 season at Round 2 at the ADUR Circuit.



The MotoGPn (Nitro) Class is normally a picture of domination from John Veal, however, with a snapped drive belt in Fianal 1 it became a closer affair. John eventually came out on top spot after a tiebreak with Martin Woodcock with Ken Gospel taking the third position.

 Moto2 Podium

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The weekend of the 25/26th May 2019 saw the Bike National Series move on to the ADUR Circuit on the South Coast. The weather forecast was substantially better with a dry weekend expected by all.

With people travelling from all over the country, Saturday practice gave everyone the chance to stretch their legs and enjoy the hospitality of the Adur Club in the glorious South Coast sunshine. This being the first run of the season for some and practice results showed they have really missed running the bikes, turning in excess of 170 laps each .

 Race Day on Sunday morning was still warm and dry but thankfully the sun was not as strong as Saturday practice and with the forecast indicating the possibility of a shower later in the day everyone was hoping for a dry event.

Whilst Saturday practice allowed time for fine tuning of the bike to the ADUR Circuit with some people completing a high number of laps Sunday Qualifying soon indicated that the Circuit proved to be a great leveller with the majority of the field within a couple of seconds of each other for the three consecutive laps qualifying format. Even the Nitro runners (normally the slightly slower) turning in respectable lap times.

Following the 4 rounds of qualifying however, those who started their season at Round 2 of the Series showed they had not lost any of their speed over the winter break. Finals were up next, with the whole field looking to the skies hopeful that the event would stay dry.

With the finals underway some might have expected a start to finish win for all finals, how wrong were they. Matt Book upheld his B-1 position with a tone to tone win in both runs.

A Finals were a different affair, in Moto2 Peter was put under extreme pressure in both runs. Gary Sims taking an early lead in the first run only to lose the No1 spot in the last few seconds of the run with Darren just behind in third.In Final 2, Darren Johnson taking an early lead and even though put together some impressive lap times he could not make up his early mistake finishing just 4sec behind Darren wit Gary taking the 3rd spot.

MotoGPn was just as eventful, John Veal normally shows his skills and today started well but lost a drive belt in the first couple of laps allowing Martin Woodcock to ride off into the distance. For most mortals they would have put the mechanical problems down to experience, not John; some frantic spanner work saw him return to the track and put some consistently fast laps to regain second position right at the death. Second final was mostly uneventful with John showing his final 1 problems were a thing of the past running out a clear winner from Martin in second and Ken in third.

The Section would like to thank ADUR MCC for the use of their great facilities on the South Coast.


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