BRCA Bike Section - Getting Back on Track


BRCA Bike Section - Covid19 update 7th June 2020


Following the recent Association publications, “Getting Back on Track” and "Getting Back on Outdoor Tracks - Q&A", we are looking at our options to return to racing as soon as possible.

Our “normal” trackside practices will not be possible. We must all ensure that the requirements in the above documents are met as a minimum.

All 2020 meetings to date have been cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The planned Aldershot meeting 11/12th July has been cancelled, due to insufficient time to organise the event. The two remaining Promotour 2020 events on the calendar, Halifax and Cotswolds we hope to complete with the agreement of the host Club’s.

We are in discussion with clubs and will confirm events as soon as we reach agreement with the host Clubs, please do not assume this will be inline with the original race calendar. Booking and event details will be via the Association website, 

Further information will be posted in the near future to confirm all event details.

If you have any comments or concerns contact a Bike section commitee member, or raise a support ticket on the Association website.

We look forward to seeing bike racing back on track soon.