BRCA Bike Section Simulation Racing


Simluation Racing? Whats what i hear you cry? Well click here to find out more! 




BRCA Bike Section – Simulation Racing

In these strange times where group meetings trackside are still some time off, the Bike Section has been keen to maintain group involvement and decided to explore the possibility of virtual simulation racing.

We have over the last six weeks discussed and trialed the use GP Bikes Simulation to undertake competition based events having completed events at Skipton, Mallory Park and Donington Circuits.

Since first proposed, interest has been surprisingly positive from a group of people who don’t normally take to change with enthusiasm; to the point where we have now created GP Bike Simulation group on Facebook where we’ve been able to locate most of the links required to setup and run the simulation software HERE





We are hopeful that we can encourage involvement from present members of the Bike Section but also new and even some of the old guard.

Virtual racing simulation is not new and has been used both by modellers and real world trainers for many years. Whilst the software varies dramatically from low level reality to those which you will struggle to tell the difference.

We’ve linked a short 3min video of the latest event at Mallory Park circuit which shows a variety of features from the simulation HERE

More screenshots of the Bikes in action are available in the attached link HERE