BRCA General Rules

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The BRCA General Rules are applicable to all sections and all members


It is accepted that all BRCA members have read the rules, contained within this publication, understand them, and agree to be bound by them during the period of their membership.

2. Competitors

All competitors and all marshals at BRCA events and at all BRCA Affiliated Club events and any other event organised by said organisations must be BRCA members. It is permitted for potential new members to ‘visit’ affiliated clubs, for club events only, on three occasions before BRCA membership is required. The ‘visitor’ status is extended to drivers from overseas, and also includes sanctioned events, they should be members of their National Association. It is a requirement that membership cards be produced at events when requested by the event officials.

3. Marshals

It is an accepted part of Radio Controlled (RC) model vehicle racing that models differ from full size vehicles in that the operator is remote from the vehicle and the operator looks at the RC vehicle and does not see the potential view from it. It is the Marshals responsibility to ensure their own protection before leaving their designated marshals post to assist a RC vehicle. All marshals must wear “Hi Viz” vests/bibs/jackets. The Marshals must wear this apparel correctly. It is part of the race organiser’s role to determine, to their best ability, a safe marshalling point for you. However it is every marshal’s responsibility to report to race control if they feel that their post is inadequately protected.

4. Safety

GENERAL: Competitors MUST consider the safety of marshals, spectators, and other drivers at all times.  No car shall be constructed or used so as to be dangerous to persons.  All cars must have a positive means of stopping fitted and working.  All members must comply with instructions and recommendations issued by product manufacturers, subject to any further restrictions in any BRCA rules.  If you are unsure about any product of a chemical nature (cleaners, aerosols, additives, etc) then ask to see the COSHH report for the product. If there is no COSHH report on the product then we recommend you do not use it.

All Sanctioned BRCA Race Events must carry out an On-site Risk Assessment prior to the Drivers Briefing.  The Risk Assessment must be sent via email to within 3 days following the event

BATTERIES: In the interest of safety, any battery pack(s) carried on a model car must be able to be disconnected quickly without the use of tools in an emergency.  Direct soldering is not allowed. All Lithium based drive batteries must be in a ‘closed’ LiPo sack when being charged or discharged. This applies to any discharging procedures, except during a race or when using organiser supplied resistors to correct voltage. LiPo sack is defined as a receptacle designed for the purpose of charging LiPo/LiFe batteries and is of a suitable construction so as to contain a LiPo/LiFe fire. Sacks must be obtained from a recognised supplier to the UK RC industry. Charging of Lithium based batteries (LiPo, LiFe etc.) at all events and in all Sections must be strictly in accordance with the procedures detailed in BRCA Electric Board rules.  These procedures are covered in Electric Board rules 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10. ‘Over’ Charging of Lithium based batteries is potentially dangerous and maximum charge ‘cut-off voltages must be strictly adhered to.  The maximum charge cut-off is based on 4.20v per. cell (LiPo), 3.70v per. cell (LiFe) for cells connected in series. 

Therefore the maximum charge cut-off voltages allowed are :- 

  • 1S  -    4.20v (LiPo),   3.70v (LiFe)
  • 2S  -    8.40v (LiPo),    7.40v (LiFe).
  • 4S  -  16.80v (LiPo),  14.80v (LiFe).

Starting 1st. April 2017:-  
ALL Lithium based ‘drive’ batteries used in ALL Sections must have a hard, protective case that completely envelopes the cell(s).  The case should be made from ABS or a similar strength material.  The two halves of the case must be factory sealed in a way that any attempt to open the case will destroy the case.  The only opening in the case that is allowed; is for exit wires or ‘pin type’ connectors. Lithium based batteries that are used for powering; receivers, servos or other devices, that have a capacity exceeding 10Wh., must have a ‘hard case’ (as detailed above) or must be totally enclosed within an equally strong casing that is within the original design of the car, that prevents any accidental damage to the battery during racing or maintenance.
Any member found not complying with these procedures will be removed from the meeting and have their membership suspended immediately.


At BRCA sanctioned events (Internationals, Nationals, Regional’s etc.) the BRCA Steward holds responsibility for the safe running of the event. The BRCA steward will normally be the highest-ranking BRCA official present. In the event of a BRCA Executive officer attending an event, that responsibility is passed to the highest-ranking officer of the section organising the event present. By formal agreement, i.e. in writing, either in meeting minutes, or at the event in question the stewardship can be passed to another suitably qualified person. Club committees should adopt the same process. Stewardship would normally rest with the Club Chairman, however clubs are recommended to minute with whom stewardship of events rests, or is passed to, in the event of absence.

6. Tracks

Tracks must have an outer perimeter sufficient to contain the RC vehicles being operated within it. At all BRCA sanctioned events, the BRCA steward is responsible for designating the track area, which may include pitlanes and start/finish areas. The only persons allowed within the aforementioned areas during controlled practice and racing procedures are marshals and other relevant race officials, and mechanics are permitted within a designated area, and all of these persons must be BRCA members or a competitor. Track markings must be designed so as to minimise the possibility of R/C vehicles leaving the confines of the track. This rule does not differentiate between permanent and non-permanent facilities, it is the organiser’s responsibil- ity to determine the suitability of their facility for the class of RC vehicle being operated. It is all competitor’s responsibility to report any issues with track safety to race control.

7.Drivers’ Briefing

All sanctioned meetings (e.g. Internationals, Nationals and Regionals etc.) must have a drivers’ briefing before the start of the racing, all drivers are required to attend. The drivers are respon- sible for communicating all information to anyone else concerned (e.g. mechanics, guests) The drivers briefing must contain: Format of the event; Designation of the track area; Location of safety equipment; Location of Fire Exits; Explanation of any local rules; Marshalling require- ments; Identification of Officials; plus any other information the organisers deem necessary. Note: If a meeting is over more than 1 day, and consists of separate events, than a drivers briefing should be conducted before the racing commences each day.

8. Equipment

All events are required to have the following equipment: First aid kit (for self administration), appropriate fire extinguisher, accident book (in which all injuries must be recorded). In addition the organiser must know local procedures for emergency services and have a means of contact (e.g. a mobile phone).


Smoking at BRCA events and BRCA sanctioned events is prohibited, other than in a designated area.

10.Radio Equipment

The BRCA recognises the UKRCC as the national authority for the UK on radio equipment. The BRCA will work within the rules and guidelines specified by the UKRCC. RC Equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. Any modification to any component that may affect performance and/ or power of original equipment is specifically not allowed. This applies especially to the aerial and power source. Only published frequencies are allowed (see Handbook). The reversal of crystals is not allowed.

11. Records

All clubs and national event secretaries are required to keep complete membership and entry details respectively; these details must include full names and addresses, and are recommended to include emergency contact phone numbers. The relevant section official must keep entry details for sanctioned events and clubs keep records of attendance at meetings, (e.g. heat list/ entry forms) It is a requirement that all accidents must be reported to the BRCA officer respon- sible for Insurance (currently the Treasurer) as soon as possible.

12. Conduct

Any driver, representative, mechanic or friend of a driver found to be under the influence of drink or drugs or behaving abusively will be expelled from the meeting (a meeting may be one or more days and consist of more than one event/class). Affiliated clubs must keep an ‘Incident Book’ in Race Control. Any incidents that are likely to bring the sport into disrepute should be logged and the information passed onto the Club Liaison Officer, for presentation to the Execu- tive Committee as required. Any individual subject to disciplinary action (see Rule 9 - Constitu- tion) shall be notified in writing, the notice will also be forwarded to all association officers and club representatives.

13. Vehicle Scope

The BRCA will not recognise a model vehicle as being suitable for Radio Control that is more than any of these measurements; 1 metre long, 20kg in weight or a maximum of 35cc engine capacity.

14. Electronic Driving Aids

Steering and driving/brake can only be operated by direct action of the driver using the Radio. The use of traction control devices, active suspension devices and any steering control aided by gyroscopes, ‘G’-force sensors or devices giving a similar effect is strictly forbidden. Sensors are only allowed for the purpose of passive data recording and not for adjusting the performance of the car whilst in motion. It is not allowed to use any form of telemetry with active transmission, which in the opinion of the event officials or steward, is judge to give a competitor an advantage during any race.
Clarification: It is not allowed for any radio/wireless signals to be transmitted from the car to an external source during the race that is judged to give the driver a competitive advantage during that particular race. Drivers found using any of the above forbidden items/devices will be subject to disqualification from the event where the items are used and can be banned from all BRCA events for a period of up to 10 years.