Force Raceway Scholarship to a Young deserving Driver.

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Check out this amazing offer, Each year on our birthday we’ll award a FORCE Raceway Scholarship to a Young deserving Driver.


Force Raceway Story By Joanne Hartley

By Last night as part of our birthday celebrations and as a thank you to our community, we put in place a little ‘Pay it Forward’ pledge...

Each year on our birthday we’ll award a FORCE Raceway Scholarship to a Young deserving Driver.

The recipient will be someone who:

👍🏼 Is ready to take the next step in their RC hobby.
👍🏼Shows respect for the venue, the circuit, fellow drivers and the larger community, and the rules and regs.
👍🏼Listens and absorbs feedback, and actively works on improving their driving skills.
👍🏼Is encouraging to their peers and supportive of other racers.

A Scholarship lasts a year, that’s 4 race seasons, and includes:

✔️A new car, and everything needed to start racing it.
✔️A new shell each season.
✔️New tyres through each season.
✔️Two Saturdays in each season to spend with Gregg working on driving skills and race craft.

What we ask for in return is for them to be a great ambassador of FORCE, and to continue to inspire other Young drivers through their habits and behaviours.

This year we couldn’t chose, so selected two recipients.

Jack Frankland started racing with us at FORCE a year ago, coming along with Roger, his Foster Dad. To start with he was extremely quiet, now, having grown in confidence within our little FORCE community Jack has come to be a well-liked Thursday and Friday night racer, albeit a cheeky one! Mid season, Jack and I had a difficult few weeks while disagreeing on where I was putting him in the race groups. We had a really good chat, and we have been so impressed with his response and the way he’s approached his racing since then. This latter half of the season he’s matured as a Driver, and is displaying the sportsmanlike behaviour that we would expect, working on frustrations when his race night isn’t going his way through no fault of his own.
Always eager to help with marshalling, he’s also been working hard on Driver and Race etiquette. These, among other favourable reasons is why Jack receives the Scholarship for 2020. He receives a new Xpress XQ1S, and everything to go in it.
Well done Jack, you deserve this. Keep inspiring and setting a good example as a racer. We look forward to working with you on your racing. 👍🏼

Force raceway 6

I can’t even remember when Oliver Jevons started racing Bangers with us, it feels like he’s always been here!
Oliver is such a good young man. Well mannered, respectful to his parents, his friends at the track and myself and Gregg.
He’s so enthusiastic about Bangers, he really represents FORCE well, by cheering on his peers, and joining in - WITH GUSTO! - at all FORCE events. (See him here, dressed as John Travolta for Disco Bangers)
He asked for a try with Greggs Hot Rod a few weeks ago, and of course - much to Greggs shock - I let him have a go, under some strict conditions.
I was delighted to find Oliver respected my instructions, and Greggs car, and drove steady and clean. We were so impressed we loaned him it for the night the week after and he went on to steal the race! Such a lovely young man, and a circuit racer in the making! It’s for these reasons that Oliver receives his Scholarship for 2020. He receives a new Mardave Hot Rod and everything to go in it.
Keep listening Oliver, and 2020 is going to be a fab year for you on the Circuit! 

Force raceway 7