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PRO EVENT REPORT The Nissan Family Fun Day




The August Bank Holiday Weekend saw the BRCA Public Relations Officer (PRO) and the Event Team head north to the huge Nissan plant located in the North East of the country. Whilst this was a long journey – it enabled the team to achieve something that they had been trying to do for sometime – take the ‘Arrive & Drive’ track to the North East – the ancestral home of our PRO – Alan Leighton!

The Nissan Family Day was held within the Nissan plant, on land used by their Sports Club and we were honoured to be invited to support the event by the local NEAM Club – who have successfully worked with Nissan to use their facilities to host their race meetings – both indoor and out. In fact this event coincided with the inaugural outdoor race meeting held on a track that had not existed 9 days earlier! Huge congratulations go to the NEAM Club for securing such a strong working partnership with Nissan.

The BRCA stand, along with our ‘Arrive & Drive’ track, were located adjacent to the new NEAM outdoor track and consisted of our usual static display of varying classes of radio controlled vehicles and promotional literature. As usual, our ‘Arrive & Drive’ vehicles proved popular with the public queuing up to ‘have a go’ from the moment the gates opened.

Nissan 2019

It was a gloriously sunny day which helped to draw the crowds but did nothing for our cars, in fact it got so hot at times that we needed to ‘pause’ activities on the ‘Arrive & Drive’ track to allow them to cool down! The time was put to good use and the Event Team all enjoyed ice creams during their enforced break.

Our PRO delivered a series of live broadcasts from the show which helped to highlight the other aspectsoftheshowaswellasthefacilitiesavailabletothemembersoftheNEAMClub. Ifyoumissed any of the broadcasts and would like to see them then check them out on the BRCA Facebook page.

Thanks go to the NEAM Club and Nissan for inviting us to go along and to the Event Team for their help and support in constructing and manning our stand. Looking forward to returning in 2020 and doing it all over again!

Alan Leighton
BRCA - Public Relations Officer