Time to Renew BRCA Membership for 2020

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With the new year fast approaching its time to renew your BRCA Membership, it’s a simple process that can be done in under a minute, just click the link below

If its been a while since you have been to brca.org you may have noticed an all new website and a different renewal process,  below are some frequently asked questions
The most asked question we get and the answer is simple, you must log in with the correct account which your BRCA number is assigned, if you do not know your account or your club has previously done your membership then please create a support ticket to request your account. If you just "join" without doing this you will be assigned a new number and your old one will be lost!


Currently we have two ways for members to join/renew

Online:  www.brca.org/join

Multiple users per email:

Every BRCA member is required to have an individual and unique username and email address, the system will not allow it any other way, however a free solution to this problem is create a free inbox alias which points to your email for your son/daughter/friend/OAP in the family, it takes less than a minute www.inboxalias.com

Joining Members at a club

Because we have changed the way the site works, as in its core functions, it is possible to join without the email conformation check (you just have to enter it twice) this means that if you present your member with laptop/phone/tablet with an internet connection and point them to the join renew page they can join themselves in less than a minute.


To “join/renew” your members yourself you can use the join page on the BRCA website, fill your club members details in and they will get an email with their username and password that you select when setting an account up for them