We are affiliated to EFRA

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EFRA is the European Federation (of) Radio Automobiles who is affiliated to IFMAR which is the International Federation Model Auto Racing (we'll stick to the acronyms).


These are the model federations that the BRCA is affiliated to. Where we organise our national calendar and events EFRA does the European Championships and IFMAR the World Championships.

EFRA is comprised of the European federation. IFMAR is the world divided into four federations representing Europe (EFRA), The Far East (FEMCA), North America (ROAR) and "the rest of the World" (FAMAR). More information about these organisations can be found on their websites.

Entry to the European or World events is done on qualifying through a BRCA National series for the class you want to enter. Many BRCA members have enjoyed the opportunity to race in foreign climes and many have had success at the ultimate level and come home with the appropriate titles.