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One evening, whilst visiting Mr Phil Brookes, (a superb bodyshell paint sprayer), he mentioned starting up a small oval club in the local area. I said to let me know if he needed any support once he got started and a few weeks later, low and behold, they were up and running.


The club is located in a very nice community hall with the required amenities for a great racing venue.

During my first visit, and first at oval racing, I will admit I had no clue of what to expect or endure for the evening!  I was equipped with a standard Schumacher Supastox MK1 with a hotrod style bodyshell.

Now, some members over the years may be under the illusion that Oval racing could be considered to be a lower form of motorsport and racing, it may not have the glitz and glam of F1 or Touring Cars but let’s put the records straight on this form of racing if I may.

As a new and green racer to Oval, I found everyone to be very open and friendly and willing to offer advice – especially welcome as the format of racing was very different to what I’m used to.  The circuit was, as I’ve since found out, on the larger side - 13 x 6 mtrs - using three rolls of quality carpet. The relaxed manner of simply standing trackside and drive your car took a bit of getting used to but this does work well. The classes of racing were F2 stockcars, Outlaw Hotrods and Ministox, with an entry of 28 after only being open for 6 weeks being an amazing achievement for a new club.

Using the Ilaps timing system, handout transponders and the format of adding all your laps together during qualifying to give your overall placing for finals, made a change to the norm.  As well as a good venue, track, relaxed and well-run club, they also provide the fab service of keeping everyone fed and watered throughout the evening with hot toasties, teas and chocolate guaranteeing a smile and banter for everyone.

I was also offered the chance to have a go with a F2 stockcar by one of the racers – Ian.  I first thought it was a couple of laps before the start of the heat but was then told “No you’re racing …..now”.  No pressure then and off I went. During my run I started to get the feel, and, as this was not my car, the habit not to engage contact with the rest of the field did take a little getting used to but I have to say it was great fun.

Thank you to Phil and all the club members that have got together in such a short time to host a fine and fun club providing good racing for all ages and levels.  My conclusion on oval racing is this:

 It’s a lower cost of racing in comparison to most of the classes which is great for entry level and young beginners. The attention to detail displayed when setting up a car for Oval, in a class that does not allow additive, is impressive and these guys really know what they’re doing.  Great fun and very welcoming racing community, so if you get the opportunity, and you’re in the Worcester area, I would definitely recommend a visit. They even have a club car to ‘have a go’ with.  With kits available for as little as £125 for a rolling chassis kit or under £200 with electrics - that’s a whole lot of fun for your money.

Worcestershire Oval Race Club can be found at Alfrick Village Hall, WR6 5HJ where they race Fridays fortnightly.

Facebook page link - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=worcestershire%20oval%20race%20club&ref=eyJzaWQiOiIwLjgzOTQ1MzA0MjU5NjkwMDgiLCJxcyI6IkpUVkNKVEl5ZDI5eVkyVnpkR1Z5YzJocGNtVWxNakJ2ZG1Gc0pUSXdjbUZqWlNVeU1HTnNkV0lsTWpJbE5VUSIsImd2IjoiYmVlMDlmOTNmYTczMmNmYTU5YTFjYjZkOWY0NTBkMzg5MjQyNGU0OSIsImVudF9pZHMiOltdLCJic2lkIjoiYTc5MWIyZWU1ZDBlNzlmMThmMjg0ZmQ5ZWJkOTczNTQifQ

Alan Leighton

BRCA Public Relations Officer