Cut down to the base form the function of the British Radio Car Association is the following four objects that define us.

(a) To promote the construction and racing of radio-controlled cars.
(b) To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to the sport.
(c) To set rules and standards for construction and racing.
(d) To encourage National and International competition within a co-ordinated calendar.

The rest of the Handbook and guidelines are our best effort to facilitate these objects with fairness and objectivity without loosing sight of the fact that we are enjoying the participation in one way or another.

But...... it's so much more and this section is dedicated to trying to explain everything about the BRCA that anyone could want to know.

 As you may or may not have heard by now, there is a new version of the MyLaps firmware available as an upgrade for the RC4 decoder.  The latest update is aimed at drone racing and introduces compatibility with their new transponder, the DR5.  More information on the Drone Capability for the RC4 decoder can be found here.  Unfortunately, updating to this version of the firmware renders the original personal (RC2) and rechargeable transponders inoperable with the system.

One evening, whilst visiting Mr Phil Brookes, (a superb bodyshell paint sprayer), he mentioned starting up a small oval club in the local area. I said to let me know if he needed any support once he got started and a few weeks later, low and behold, they were up and running.

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