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Member since: Wednesday, 23 December 2015
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Indoor Carpet
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Touring Cars, LMP12, GT12, 10th Off Road
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Disabled Access, Car Park, Wifi
About the Club

Who are we?

We are Horsham Radio Control Car Club. We race electric radio controlled cars of the following types:

1/10th  M-Classis Touring Cars



1/10th Touring Cars

1/12th Pan Cars

1/10th Buggys


If you have another sort of vehicle that you would like to try racing with we can usually manage to fit you into one of the existing classes.

We only race indoors (on carpet) so unfortunately we cannot accommodate nitro cars!

Although everyone likes to be competitive (this is all about racing after all!). We try to provide a relaxed environment where novice drivers can feel welcome and able to participate.

Sometimes we hold special events such as trailer races, silver can races or endurance races.

Where are we?

We race at Broadbridge Heath Village Centre and Social Club on Friday nights. We race almost every Friday night throughout the year with only a few exceptions. See the calendar page for further details.

Broadbridge Heath is on the West side of Horsham.

Here is a map

How do I start racing?

Just turn up! ... and don't forget your towel!

Yes that's right - you must bring an old towel with you to protect the pit-tables from your messy car fiddling - that bit is important because otherwise we could find ourselves without a venue :( Unfortunately we cannot let you race without a pit towel. It is also preferable to have a few different frequency options available in case too many people all want to use the same frequency.

We allow both members and non-members to compete in races (although only members can score championship points).

When you arrive it's a case of pitching in with getting the track set up and also the pit tables and chairs. All of these come from the store cupboard by the driver stage.

Once race control is up and running you need to check-in to make sure you are registered to race. This should start around 18:40. Race control can be recognised by a table with a computer on it at the back of the hall.

If time (and your radio frequency!) permits you may have time for a short practice session before racing begins around 19:00

During the race prior to yours you should collect your allocated transponder from race control and fit it to your car. You will need a suitable mounting hole (6.5mm) drilled somewhere on your vehicle and a spare R-clip to secure the transponder in place. The touring cars typically have the transponder clipped to the inside of the body shell while buggies usually have it clipped to the rear wing. You also need to make sure you are using the allocated radio frequency for the race. The transponder numbers and radio frequencies will be displayed on the notice board at race control.

The transponder allows the computer to count your laps. Unfortunately, since we are using an older version of the AMB race timing software we are unable to cater for personal transponders at this time.

The Races

The race evening is split into several rounds of heats followed by a round of finals.

The order of the races is also displayed on the notice board at race control.

In each of the heat rounds, each entrant will get a chance to do one race. The number of rounds of heats varies but there is typically 3 or 4. A heat consists of a 5 minute race with a staggered start. Your start order is announced by the race computer just prior to the start of the race. All cars line up at the same point on the track but you only start when the computer announces your car number. At the end of the 5 minutes you may finish your current lap.

Following all of the rounds of heats, your best result (i.e. most laps during a heat) is used to determine your grid position for the final.

The finals may be split into multiple races depending on the number of entrants.

In the final all cars line up in grid order on the track with a 1 meter grid spacing. All cars start the final at the same time. The final typically lasts for 5 minutes and again you will get to finish your current lap when the 5 minutes are up. The winner is the car with the most laps counted.

All racers must control their car from the stage to avoid interference problems.

At the end of your race you must place your car on the ?parc ferme? table at race control and return the transponder to its correct location in the box. You must then go and marshal for the following race.


Marshalling is very simple. Put on one of the orange vests, find a position around the track that isn?t already covered by another marshal and assist any cars that turn over or get stuck during the course of the race. When a car needs your assistance PLEASE do not stop onto the track until you have checked that it is clear. Cars can be damaged all to easily by marshals stepping on them! You need to remain aware of the other cars on the track at all times. When assisting a car please place it back on the track, facing the right direction and not in the direct racing line of an approaching car. When you are not assisting a car you should be standing to the side of the track ? not on it and not in the middle islands.

When all racing has finished please help to clear the track, tables and chairs away. It goes much quicker that way and we really do appreciate your help.

Once everything is packed away the race results will be read out at race control.

The Championship

Championship points are scored from the result in the final. The winner scores 50 points, 2nd place gets 49 points, etc.

Where there is more than one final in a class, the A final winner gets 50 points, the B final winner gets (for example) 44 points (assuming 6 cars ran in the A final), etc.

We run 2 championship series per year (a summer series and a winter series). Each series runs for 22 rounds but only your best 15 results are counted. This enables drivers to miss some weeks or have some bad race nights without it destroying their championship.

The club requires that all members have BRCA insurance. Non-members may race 3 times before BRCAmembership is required.


Annual membership is 15 pounds per year

BRCA membeship is 20 pounds per year

Your first car entry on race nights is 5 pounds for members or 7 pounds for non-members

Additional car entries on race nights are £2 for members or £2 for non-members

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Chris Moore
Brian Stally
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Broabridge Heath Village Centre
Wickhurst Lane Broadridge Heath Horsham
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RH12 3LY
Wickhurst Ln, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3LE, UK