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Notts and Derby Large Scale Oval

Member since: Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Outdoor Tarmac
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Large Scale On Road
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Notts and Derby Large Scale Oval club has been active for over 18years. The cars we race are 1/5th scale replicas of full size F1 stock cars. They are based on the FG Marder with a 23 or 26cc two stroke petrol engine, plus a few modifications and a steel chassis. NO tuning is allowed, this is to keep costs down and the racing close and fair. The meetings are fun and stress free, time is always allowed for car repairs. Everyone will chip in and help with parts, repairs, advice etc. We race on Sundays, fortnightly from March to October. A total of 15 Rounds. Trophies are presented each meeting. Points scored from the heats and final go towards a season Championship. (Best 12 from 15 rounds) Ambrc timing system is used for racing. Marshalling the race/cars is different from other formulas as we have a horn system in place, when the horn blows all cars come to a halt before any marshall steps onto the track. When the track is clear, the race director gives the command and a toot of the horn for racing to commence. All our rules etc are available as word docs on our Facebook group page in the "files" section.

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Brian Short
Gary Dallinson
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Birnams Sports & Social Club
Halls Lane
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NG16 2DE
Halls Lane, Newthorpe, Nottingham, UK