BRCA Articles

Our Constitution are the rules set by our members that we run the BRCA by, in toy car racing this is the law and promises we adhere too so we can achieve our core objectives.


The Association shall be known as The British Radio Car Association.


(a) To promote the construction and competition of radio-controlled cars.

(b) To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to the sport.

(c) To set rules and standards for construction and competition.

(d) To encourage National and International competition within a co-ordinated calendar.


Membership shall be open to all and shall be deemed to commence when the Association issues the appropriate membership documentation.

Membership shall be within the following categories:-

(a) Full Individual members

(b) Fellows - Persons who in the opinion of a two-thirds majority of an AGM of the Association, have performed outstanding service to the Association. Fellowship of the Association carries automatic Full Individual membership for life and may only be rescinded by a two thirds majority vote at an AGM of the Association. Fellows are to be elected at the AGM of the Association on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Not more than two Fellows may be elected in any one year.

(c) Club Affiliation - Any club who has satisfied the Association Secretary of its willingness and ability to fulfil the obligations of an affiliated club. Each Club will receive four free memberships that will be taken up by the Chairman, Secretary and two other appointed officials from that Club.

(d) Club Affiliated Member - All members of any club which has been accepted for affiliation, become affiliated members, subject to the necessary administrative procedures. The Handbook will be posted to all members. All members have the right to attend and vote on issues at the Association AGM and Section Conferences. Proposals for any changes to the Constitution or General Rules must be received by the Association Secretary four weeks before the AGM date latest. Each Section will publish the proposals for changes four weeks prior to the AGM.


The subscription period shall be one year running from the 1st January to the 31st December of the same year. Membership subscriptions shall be reviewed and fixed annually at the AGM. Any member who has not paid his/her subscription within ONE month of the renewal date shall be assumed to have terminated his/her membership.


Any member wishing to withdraw from Association membership must notify the secretary in writing.


Any member failing to renew his/her membership as required or any member notifying his/her resignation shall forfeit all right to claim on the Association, its property or its funds.


To qualify for election to any Association Committee position, the member so elected will become a Full Individual member of the Association if not already one. The following Officers shall be elected annually for a period of two years at the AGM :- Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus such other Officers as may be deemed necessary. Nominations for these positions to be sent to the Secretary in writing four weeks before the AGM. The nominee must be a Full Member of the Association. The above Officers together with the Chairman and Secretary (unless otherwise nominated) from each Section of the Association shall comprise the full Association Executive Committee. The Executive may meet in full or in part where the business to be discussed is only relevant to clearly defined areas of the association, e.g. Sporting or Administrative sub committees. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of at least 60% of the Executive Officers, invited to the meeting. All Officers elected by the AGM shall be ex-officio members of all committees and subcommittees appointed within the Association.


Section committees shall be established within the association to administer for the individual needs of the members racing interests. Each section committee shall comprise of a Chairman, a Secretary and such other committee members as sectional conferences shall decide. One official, normally but not essentially the Chairman, must attend Executive committee meetings. The title of each section shall be decided by its officers. To invite a representative from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to attend Executive Committee Meetings and to circulate information of meetings to all Sections


The Executive Committee shall manage all concerns of the Association upholding the Associations Constitution, and shall have powers to settle all points of interpretation of Association rules, providing such powers shall not overrule a resolution of the AGM. A Sectional Committee shall manage all the concerns of the racing interest for which it was established, with powers to settle all points of interpretation of Section rules, provided such power shall not overrule a resolution of a Section Conference, AGM or General Rules. A Section Committee quorum will be decided by that Section Committee. The Executive Committee and any Section Committee shall have powers to establish sub-committees to manage special interests or events and to co-opt members onto such sub committees. Any committee may, from time to time, fill any vacancy in its number which may arise for the remaining period of office. If the conduct of any member, in or out of Association events, shall in the opinion of the Executive Committee, or member of it, be injurious to the character or interest of the Association then membership can be suspended until the matter is dealt with by the Association Executive. The Association Executive can require said person to attend such meeting as is required to explain their actions, they shall have the power to expel such member or call upon them to resign and will there upon cease to be a member of the Association, this decision will be ratified by the Executive Committee. Should a member who has been expelled or been required to resign wish to appeal, this shall be done in writing to 14 the Association Secretary and the appeal will be held before the Executive Committee. In every case of expulsion or required resignation of a member the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and the excluded member shall have no remedy against the Association or Committee, or any further right of appeal. A minimum of two thirds majority shall be necessary to order an expulsion


The Executive committee has the power to delete, amend or change any existing rule(s) or add any new rule(s) to the Constitution, General Rules or Section Rules, to accommodate any changes in legal or fiscal requirements, or changes in recognized or legally required safety procedures. These actions can take place at any time within the association’s year without the need for an EGM or AGM. Any action of this nature will be made known to the membership in the following edition of CC and will be included on the official BRCA website. Any decision taken must be ratified at the following AGM with a 2/3rds majority.


1 - Proposal for change of the Association Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of member present at an AGM conference, postal or proxy vote respectively.

2 - Proposal for change of the Association General Rule shall require a two-thirds majority of members present at an AGM conference, postal or proxy vote respectively.

3 - Elections of all officers (including Section officers) shall be decided as follows:

a) For one candidate only:- A simple majority vote of those members present, abstentions not considered.

b) For two candidates only:- A simple majority vote of those members present abstentions not considered.

c) For more than two candidates:- First: Vote taken for all candidates. Then: A second vote including only the two candidates with the highest votes. This will be decided by a simple majority, abstentions not considered.

4 - Proposals for change to Construction and Procedure Rules within Section conferences shall require an overall majority (min. 51%) of those members present. If there is an equal vote, then the Chairman at his/her discretion may use a casting note. If an overall majority is not achieved, then the amendment/rule is not adopted.

5 - At an EGM or Postal vote, voting procedures will follow the above format.


All matter relating to the spending of Association funds shall be referred through the Treasurer to the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial statement to the AGM offering all relevant documents for inspection at the meeting. Sections holding funds shall be required to deliver reports as required by the Association Treasurer.


01 October to 30 September


The AGM shall be held as soon after the end of the financial year as is practical and in any event not later than the month of February following. No BRCA Sanctioned events may take 15 place on the day of the AGM. The following business shall be transacted at the AGM:-

(1) Reports on the general working of the Association and its sections.

(2) Representation of the Association accounts.

(3) Election of Officers and Auditor

(4) Review and agree the annual membership fee.

(5) Discussion of any other business of which due notice has been given.

(6) Arrange a provisional date for the next AGM which shall in any event be held within thirty days of the provisional date.


An EGM may be called at any time if the Executive Committee so decide. The Secretary shall also call a meeting on receiving written request to that effect, signed by no less than 10% of the membership. Such a general meeting shall take place within 28 days of the written request being received and all members shall receive 14 days notice of the meeting, but without the necessity for detailing any further particulars. A resolution of an EGM shall not be valid unless 10% of the membership is present and not unless the resolution be passed by at least two thirds of the members voting.


Minutes of an AGM, EGM or annual Conference shall be published as soon as convenient thereafter and in any case before the next similar meeting. Minutes of committee meetings shall be available to all committee members, including ex-officio members, before the next similar meeting. Copies of all minutes shall be kept indefinitely by the appropriate officer.


In the event of insolvency, the deficit shall be made good by an equal payment from each member or in such manner as an AGM or EGM shall decide.


Each members address shall be recorded in the Associations records and shall be deemed to be correct unless the Membership Secretary be notified in writing of an alteration of change of said member.


A copy of the constitution shall be forwarded to each member on joining and thereafter annually in an Association Handbook. These rules so presented shall be binding on every member. No member shall be absolved from the effect of these rules on allegation of not having received them.


The Executive committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and the decision of the committee upon any question of interpretation, or upon any other matter affecting the Association not provided for by these rules, shall be final and binding on the members.


The Constitution defines the rules for government of the Association. All alterations or additions to the Constitution may only be adopted by resolution at an AGM or EGM convened according to the Constitution. Such resolution must receive a two thirds majority vote.


If at any general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Association be passed by a two-thirds majority of the membership present, and such resolution be confirmed at an EGM, held not less than one month thereafter at which not less than half the members are present, by a majority of two-thirds of the members the committee shall thereupon or at such date as shall be specified in the resolution, proceed to dissolve the Association. The committee shall proceed to realise the property of the Association, and after discharge of all liabilities, shall divide the same amongst all the members according to the proportions decided at the EGM. Upon the completion of such division the Association shall be dissolved.


(a) To uphold the Constitution of the Association.

(b) Affiliated clubs must keep the Association informed of the names and addresses and interests of ALL their members (stating if they are Association members in any other capacity than club affiliated members) and in addition the Association must be informed immediately of any additions, deletions or changes in their membership. The affiliated clubs must advice the Association of the name and address of the club official who is responsible for the communication of the above information.


(a) Unless the Executive committee has first given its express permission in writing, no trophy, award or prize of any kind may be given which has an intrinsic value greater than £50.00 UK Sterling.

(b) Under no circumstances are cash prizes to be awarded


You can read the full BRCA Handbook here: BRCA Handbook 2015