***UPDATED 22/02/2021 @11:00***

Requirements in England Up To the 29th March

No RC Racing, practice events or other Track use is currently possible in England.


Venue Maintenance

This is permissable, 'Work' is allowed and can be conducted by Volunteers, it does not need to be a single person - in fact it is to be stressed that lone worker regulations are Not to be ignored - but numbers should be minimised and Social Distancing Must be maintained and appropriate PPE be worn as required.

At No Point may RC vehicles be used on the Track during maintenance, No 'testing of the timing system', no 'checking this jump'..


From the 29th March

RC Racing - Outdoors - Should be possible and the guidlines last used should still be (at least mostly) current.

We are currently Not Aware of the details of what can and cannot be done, but we belive the intent is 'as per prior to the current lockdown' so that will require full Social Distancing, mask use etc


During the previous restrictions 2 day meetings with competitors remanining on site overnight (Socially distanced) was possible, we belive the intent is for this to be the same too - but we are currently awaiting details, this may not be applicable until mid April - again to be confirmed.

It would be appropriate to make plans based on the above.

Please Note - the last bit is people staying on site.. hotels and 'self catering' accomodation differs.. and again is still being discussed.


Indoor Racing - We currently have no firm date. However 17th May is looking likely 


Click Here for the Getting Back On Track 2021 document download


This page will be updated and the guidance documents re-issued (with any changes highlighted) just as soon as we have the details through from the various bits of Officialdom.   

  Please Remember - None of the above is the Executive 'making up rules' all of it is simply the distributed requirments from the various bits of government condensed and with the correct terminology for what we do, that is the Associations task and is what is required of us. We don't have any authority to relax government regulation, we could theoretically tighten them but none of the above does.

You will have now seen several different sets of information issued by the Association to you as individuals and to our Clubs, this document is intended to illustrate how and where they come from.

There is plenty for us to consider over the next few weeks and months, including how we implement changes required and how we get to the future for model motorsport in the UK.  Some clubs are facing difficult times right now, so here’s how we could help.