Helping clubs save money in the current climate


There is plenty for us to consider over the next few weeks and months, including how we implement changes required and how we get to the future for model motorsport in the UK.  Some clubs are facing difficult times right now, so here’s how we could help.

One of those things is making sure that our club remain financially viable.  While lots of Clubs will have financial reserves and many will have seen their costs more-or-less stop when they stopped racing, many will have not, and will have on-going bills to pay with little or no revenue coming in.

Lots of you are club members and even if you are not, clubs provide the venues for your Regional and National races.  They need the support of all Association members to do that.  Although you aren’t visiting your club at the moment, they might be needing your help right now, just as much as they did when the club was racing. Please make every effort to stay in touch with your club so, if they ask for help and you’re able, you can give them help.


Club officials that find their club struggling please get in touch.  Use and set out what you’d like advice on.  We can direct that to the best person to get back to you.  It is rare that we can’t help in some small way.


Recently we have helped clubs by talking to people on their behalf, guiding clubs to Government support schemes, supporting conversations and learning new avenues of investigation.

We've been doing all sort of activities from ringing up local authorities and 'educating' them on sporting status, to having a chat to landlords, to discussions with insurers and all sorts in between. Sometimes just the call from 'the national governing body' can help as it can add weight to a point of view or add impartiality to a tense situation - certainly we're happy to assist where we can.

We've become reasonably knowledgeable in gaining assistance for Clubs from the various bodies that are trying to help out.  We’re making sure that the avenues that are available to us are all investigated and then doing what we can ourselves to plug any gaps that remain. It's currently a confusing time as to who's doing what, so sometimes just that conversation helps.  We'd like to hear from you if you've discovered something that will benefit other clubs too.