Northern Ireland BRCA Covid-19 - Updated 17th March.


BRCA Covid 19 News – Northern Ireland

None of what follows Is the Association Executive ‘making up rules’ this is all extracted from the information issued by the Government, the Devolved National Assemblies, the National Sporting Body and Motorsport UK. The role of the Association Executive is to go through all that on your behalf and extract from it what You need to Know – That is below:-

These changes are currently applicable to Northern Ireland Only, the differing lockdown regulations for Scotland, Wales & England require that they will have to be dealt with separately.


 ***UPDATED 17/03/2021 @15:45***


Currently & On-Going; -  Venue Maintenance

This is permissable, 'Work' is allowed and can be conducted by Volunteers, it does not need to be a single person - in fact it is to be stressed that lone worker regulations are Not to be ignored - but numbers should be minimised and Social Distancing Must be maintained and appropriate PPE be worn as required.

Up to the sport starting again on the 12th April RC vehicles are NOT to be used on the Track during maintenance, No 'testing of the timing system', no 'checking this jump'..



Opening Up the Sport, the Key Date is:- 

The 12th April

  • Outdoor, 1 day, events may recommence – But should be;- ’local clubs for local people’ wherever possible, extensive travel is to be discouraged.
  • There is a maximum of 15 persons allowed to be at the event.

There is currently no indication of when this may be relaxed further


Activities can recommence using exactly the same operational guidlines as per the last lockdown they can be found below:-

 Click Here  for the Getting Back On Track 2021 document download



This page will be updated and the guidance documents re-issued (with any changes highlighted) just as soon as we have the details through from the various bits of Officialdom.


Please Remember - None of the above is the Executive 'making up rules' all of it is simply the distributed requirments from the various bits of government condensed and with the correct terminology for what we do, that is the Associations task and is what is required of us. We don't have any authority to relax government regulation, we could theoretically tighten them but none of the above does.