Scotland BRCA Covid-19 - Updated 31st August


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NOTE:- None of what follows Is the Association Executive ‘making up rules’ this is all extracted from the information issued by the Government, the Devolved National Assemblies, the National Sporting Body and Motorsport UK. The role of the Association Executive is to go through all that on your behalf and extract from it what You need to Know – That is below:-

As of the 10th July - Clubs can resume competitive events Outdoors.

Please see the document 'Getting Back on Track' for details of what You and Your Club need to do.


As of the 31st August - Clubs can resume competitive events Indoors.

Please see the document 'Getting Back on Track - Indoors' for details of what You and Your Club need to do.


Please Note: -

The 'Extended Groups' refered to under the Scottish Governments phased easing of lockdown restrictions refers to 'Social Gatherings' e.g. a family party or a barbeque or similar.

Our events are 'Sporting' we do not gather to socialise, we gather to compete, hence social distancing applies to everybody present unless part of thre same household, but we do not carry the same limitation on numbers, we are limited to the number of people who can comfortably socialy distanc within the venue only.

Local Lockdowns; - It is the responsibility of clubs to comply with Local Lockdowns, the Association will not be advising when and where they apply to when they’re removed – You MUST comply with any local restrictions.

If there are any questions please raise a ticket via 'Contact Us' on here.

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