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NOTE:- None of what follows Is the Association Executive ‘making up rules’ this is all extracted from the information issued by the Government, the Devolved National Assemblies, the National Sporting Body and Motorsport UK. The role of the Association Executive is to go through all that on your behalf and extract from it what You need to Know – That is below:-


Effective from the 9th of August

Scotland moves beyond level 0. This entails the lifting of most of the remaining legally imposed restrictions.

However some restrictions will continue to affect our sport in particular face coverings for indoor meetings.

Face Masks

Indoors –These remain legally required in indoor public settings and therefore apply to any indoor meetings.

Outdoors – Face coverings are no longer mandatory.  


  • They may well be a requirement of the venue or the club and it is entirely possible there will be areas within the venue that will still require their use.
  • If you are asked to wear a mask by the venue or the club – Wear It or Don’t Attend.
  • Venues or clubs are entirely within the law to require you to wear a mask to attend.
  • If you have a medical exemption, do carry the appropriate documentation.
  • If you want to wear a mask – Do So – ignore what others do or say.

BRCA Face Mask Guidance V2


No domestic travel restrictions apply Beyond Level 0.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is no longer required in indoor or outdoor settings.  It is recommended that a message of “Give People Space” is promoted at sporting events especially those indoors.


 For indoor venues this is especially important and where possible the flow of fresh air should be maximised by opening doors and windows. Avoid using ventilation systems which only recycle used air.

Basic Principles

Covid 19 has not gone away, however the change is that we must now learn to live with this disease.

Guidance for Competitors

Your Club will NOT be operating how it used to pre-pandemic.Some of the process we have adopted during the last 18 months will continue to be used as it’s simply good practice. 

You MUST Provide: -

  • Your Own Hi-Viz Waistcoat for Marshalling.
  • A pair of Gloves for Marshalling – If the Club require them. (not latex, proper work gloves).
  • Some disposable Face Masks – for use as required.
  • A Bottle of Hand Sanitiser – for use as required. 

Highly recommended to have available: -

  • A pair of gloves for marshalling
  • Some disposable latex gloves.
  • Surface cleaner.
  • Hand wipes.

Do Not Share PPE.  

Personal Responsibility & Respect.

If you are feeling unwell, in any way, DO NOT ATTEND.

Do not put yourself in a position where you feel uncomfortable.

Respect the choices of others, if somebody chooses to wear a mask respect their choice, they would probably also appreciate more personal space. 

At Your Club   

Do not expect things to revert to as they used to be pre pandemic, they will not.

Guidance for Organisers - Alongside the additonal guidance above please follow the latest Getting back on track document linked below. 

Click Here for the Getting Back On Track 2021 document download

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