Where do the Regulations Come From?


You will have now seen several different sets of information issued by the Association to you as individuals and to our Clubs, this document is intended to illustrate how and where they come from.

Everything you are seeing is coming from either the Government or a senior part of the sporting structure in the UK.

It is not the Associations job to 'make things up' or 'create rules' our task is to take this information and simply turn it into terminology that fits into our sport - we do not have the juristriction to water down any of the regulations, we could theoretically tighten them but so far this has only been necessary once (months ago when it becasme apparent that masks were required when refulling in pit lanes) .

Nor is it the Associations job to determine the morality of the Regulations - it's simply our role to ensure you are as informed as you can be, it's our and our clubs choice what we do with that information, we will all make our own mind up on our desire to compete, or not, with the regulations we find placed upon us.


Government requirements, legal and advisory, go to a government department first; in our case the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).  They interpret what that means for (in our case) sport, and pass it to the national associations who are responsible for that sport – Motorsport UK in our case.  Motorsport UK then may seek further clarifications before sending it on to governing bodies that run different aspects of motorsport, like us at the BRCA, for implementation.

The Association then has to do its bit to interpret what we get, and then pass that on to you, our clubs and members, so we are complying with any rules in place, and you know what we can do and when.  We hope to do that within days of any information having made its way to us via DCMS and Motorsport UK and that's generally a day or two behind the announcments you'll see on the TV.

In Addition

We rely on any number of venues to hold our events, all of whom will be subject to the same route for information – government department to national association (or NGO) to local bodies – so they make take longer than we do to interpret their rules and guidelines. Our sport is bigger than most people think so it is up to us all to work together to do it in a professional, safe and consistent manner.  Let’s make ourselves proud of how we do that.


In the meantime, we hope that explains where our information comes from, and how we expect to get it out to you as the country is locked & unlocked

.  If you see anything on this subject in the National and local media, check here and your e-mails for news from this end.  Hope to see you all trackside in the future.