As summer well and truly draws to a close, we've still got some great events rolling our way! 

Remember, these are BRCA events only -  so if you are running additional events, don't forget to post it on our FB page! 

For all event details, see the list below: 


What's On This Week - 18th - 24th  September 2023 


Event Date: 23.09.23 - 24.09.23

Event Name: 8th Circuit Nationals 2023 Round 6

Event Location: Cotswold 

Event Details:


Event Date:  24.09.23 

Event Name: 10th EC Circuit National Championship 2023 Round 6

Event Location: Broxtowe 

Event Details:


Event Dates: 24.09.23

Event Name: GT12 National Series 2023 Round 1

Event Location: West Cornwall Radio Control Model Car Club 

Event Details:


Event Date: 24.09.23 

Event Name: M-TC National Series 2023 Round 6

Event Location: Eastbourne Electric Car Club 

Event Details: