Becoming a member of the BRCA couldn’t be easier, just click here however, if you do experience any problems, then please let us know by following using the contact button.

BRCA Membership is required by anyone racing at a BRCA Affiliated Club or competing in a BRCA National or Regional Series.  Membership provides 3rd party liability insurance to enable safe racing at BRCA sanctioned events.

Subscription Plans

BRCA Full Membership 2022


BRCA Licence which enables you to race at Club and BRCA Sanctioned events with BRCA membership insurance

This membership entitles you to Race or Drive RC Cars, and have a Vote on section & general rules at the  BRCA AGM or section EGM

This membership type is designed for

  • Park Bashers
  • Club Racers
  • National Racers

BRCA Non-Driving Membership 2022


Non-Driving Membership which enables you to be trackside at race/club events with our membership insurance cover.

This membership does NOT entitle you to Race or Drive RC Cars, also this membership type does not enable a vote within Section meetings

This membership type is designed for

  • Parents of Racers
  • Pit Crew
  • Substitute Marshalls

BRCA Club Affiliation 2022


Club Affiliation is where your club is formally part of the British Radio Car Association.

The Club – and all its members - join the association, thereby ensuring that everybody is part of the Association and receives the appropriate benefits.

This membership type is designed for

  • Club Officials to Affiliate the club


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