Over recent weeks the BRCA has been reviewing the economic impact on our sport and suppliers inlight of the climate we are in.

With immediate effect the BRCA Electric Board have introduced a rise in its price limits for both stock & modified motors, click more for the eb announcment


The BRCA Electric Board is responding to requests from the industry to raise its price limits. After consultations, we will be raising the price limit for Spec. motors to be the same as Modified Brushless motors and all motor maximum prices will be increased to £105. Battery maximum prices will be unchanged.
The EB will also be working to develop new standards that will allow lower-cost motors to be used by Sections in National events. The 10th Circuit 'Frontie' Class has been successful using such a motor. The EB will work to expand this area, to specify requirements that cost less to produce and therefore less to purchase.


Paul Worsley

BRCA Homologation Officer – Batteries & Brushless Motors.

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