The EB Section have released new versions of all four Spec Brushless Motor lists :- 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T. 

Only the 10.5T has a new motor added.

The other three have updated detail for existing motors added, to show :-

        That an optional rotor for LRP/Nosram X20 is allowed as it is already included for the X12 motors.

        Clarifying which versions of Wurks motors were approved.

EB 05 Brushless Motors 13.5T Spec. 2015 v10

EB 05 Brushless Motors 10.5T Spec 2015 v8

EB 05 Brushless Motors 17.5T Spec. 2015 v8

EB 05 Brushless Motors 21.5T Spec 2015 v5

You can veiw these and other holmologation lists in the EB

NOTE:  These lists are different to 18th Dec 2015

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