BRCA 1/12th Section

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1/12 scale is one of the oldest RC racing classes still in existence and can trace it's roots way back to the 1970's. Traditionally it was a training and development ground for drivers who later went on to become champions in this and other classes. More recently the class has become more specialised, due in no small part to the development of a wide range of other RC categories over the years.

That said, 1/12 is still a class that caters for competitors of all ages and abilities. The recent introduction of the GT12 class has resulted in an explosion in popularity of 1/12 scale racing at club level, and our national championships continue to be well attended.

Whether you're just a casual club racer or a pro driver, the 1/12 section has something to offer you and we invite you to come and share experiences with us.

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 RC Bike Manual


As you may already appreciate the RC Bike section of the radio control model family is probably the poorest for available information on our sport.

Whilst we would always encourage visiting trackside and talking to us, that might not always be practical.

Written information has at best in the past been sketchy, sometimes incorrect, not relevant or even written in the wrong language.

All is not lost, thanks to the linguistic skills of Davide Varriccho from Holeshot Hobbies, Australia, we now have an RC Bike Manual for expert or beginner.

The manual is freely downloadable direct from Holeshot Hobbies HERE

Or Alternatively from the BRCA website HERE


The BRCA (British Radio Car Association) are the governing body of the radio-controlled model motor racing hobby within Great Britain   We have over 7,000 members who on any day of the week will be racing at one of the many model vehicle clubs around the country.

We race radio-controlled model cars, trucks and bikes; however, this isn’t as simple a statement as it might seem! We have over 13 different classes which run national championships who award annual UK titles within the association. They cater for racing vehicles from small electric powered ones that do about 30mph through to cars powered by 3.5cc internal combustion engines that do over 80mph and even those with 30cc petrol engines no matter if its indoor or outdoor we have a class for it.

The association provides a framework for not only a level platform of racing across the country but also for those wanting to form a club and provide a safe place for racing to occur at. <<need more here >>

Our racing caters for people from all backgrounds and doesn’t discriminate on sex, age, or disability. Radio-controlled model motor racing does provide a challenging sporting environment where the skill required to drive and build the cars can be tested against other likeminded competitors.


Unlike our full-size counterparts there is no sitting in your racing vehicle and feeling the ride its all down to hand and eye coordination along with watching how your “race ride” handles the track which is challenging your co-ordination.

<<do we need to add in here more details on how radio-controlled model motor racing is achieved i.e. vehicle, transmitter, receiver and power source and power plants >>

This week we have a huge 11 fantastic events to look forward too. Just a few of these include the Zenoah Challenge Cup, a BRCA F1 Indoor Nationals Round 3 and a 12 F1 Stockcar 2020 European Championship. For all event information please follow the link below.

New to the BRCA? Why not get down to your local event to find out more information, see live action and get involved!

Large Scale Off Road (LSOR) Hall Of Fame 


Detailed below are our championship winners over the various race seasons the section as been running its nationwide championships for originally 2 wheel drive buggies, then the introduction of  our 4 wheel drive class and from 2012 our short course class.


Over the early seasons the section awarded national, super national and junior titles, over recent seasons we have awarded national and clubman titles whilst rewarding our junior racers too.


BRCA Champions


  2 Wheel Drive Buggy  4 Wheel Drive Buggy
  Super National National  National
2003 Ian Oddie Chris Gresham
2004 Ian Oddie Chris Sutcliffe
2005 Ian Oddie Ben Jaques
2006 Ian Oddie Steve Milner
2007 Bruce Thompson Simon Forrest  
2008 Stuart Carrick Martin Fallowfield  
2009 Ian Oddie Mike Ellacott  
2010 Ian Oddie Adam Griffith Stevo Backland




  2 Wheel Drive Buggy  4 Wheel Drive Buggy Short Course
  National Clubman National Clubman National Clubman
2011 Ian Oddie   Steve Haynes      
2012 James McCarthy   Steve Haynes   Stevo Backland  
2013 James McCarthy Dan Tough Steve Haynes Ayaz Aslam Duncan Mcmillan Duncan Mcmillan
2014 James McCarthy Dean Coulson Steve Haynes Barry Clissitt Mark Suggitt Mark Suggitt
2015 Karl Norris John Darby Ian Oddie David Griffiths Mark Suggitt Ben Bridges
2016 Karl Norris Paul Gresty Ian Oddie Guy Page Lee Chapman Mathew Stokes
2017 Karl Norris David Grimshaw Stuart Wood Charles Butterworth Mathew Stokes Mathew Buxton
2018 Karl Norris Kevan Churchil Ian Oddie Les Darby Jack Keatley Martin Fitzpatrick
2019 Karl Noris Mindaugas Klenauskas Ian Oddie John Darby David Parish Simon Godney



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