The 3rd but final round of this years TRuggy + E8 Buggy nationals held at the Kent Track 


Interesting meeting this time round. This date was the rerun of the third round that should have been back in July but the weather god put a stop to it. 


The turnout wasn't as high as we had hoped but we still had a good meeting. The format remained the same. A round of practice followed by 4 rounds of qualifying. 

Because of the lower turnout I put more time between each race giving the drivers more time and less stress. The meeting ticked a long nicely with around 8 minutes betweeen each race. 

One thing to note about the track at Kent. Is wow its dusty but challenging to drive. Some drivers like and some didn't. But each to their own. At the end of the first round of qualifying all the computer equipment was covered in a layer of dust. 

I spent most of the day either sat in race control or in the pit lane helping out. Which was a bit of a change of pace for me. Normally have a cushy life sat in race control but not this time. 

 IMG 6488

After the end of the first round of practice we saw drivers getting to grips with the track and seeing how unpredictable some parts of the track were. Adrian Svensson was fastest Truggy in practice. And Lee Martin being the fastest E-Buggy in practice. 

As the computer ticked along at its own pace we saw Lee Martin take TQ in round 1 with Chris Sharpe-Simkiss in second in round with E-Truggy Driver Chris Carlise with third in round. In the E-Buggy class we saw local driver David Shedd take TQ in round with Kevin Brunsden in second in round. Lee Martin was third in round at this stage of the meeting. 

At the end of round 2 we saw Lee Martin take TQ in round with Chris Sharpe-Simkiss take second in round. Mr Tekno himself Matt Bridge take third round at this stage of that meeting. So overall at this stage was Lee Martin in TQ, Chris Sharpe-Simkiss in second overall and Chris Carlise in third place overall. It was a similar story in the E-Buggy side with the top 3 not changing that much. Lee Martin took TQ this round as well. Kevin Brunsden was second in round. And some bloke called Paul Tapsell came out of nowhere and took third in round. So after 2 rounds the overall E-Buggys were, Lee Martin in TQ, Kevin Brunsden in second overall and finially David Shedd in third place overall. 

The third round which was the second to last round of qulaifying and by this point everything had a nice layer of dust on it. Nothing worse that Matt Bridge's van. Everything in race control was also covered and the wind wasn't even blowing in race controls direction which i was glad of because it would be a hell of a lot worse.

IMG 6564

But in the Truggy class we saw Chris Carlise take TQ in round with James Baxter (also known as Cheri) second in round. And Matt Bridge third in round. So after 3 rounds Chris Carlise was now sitting in overall TQ with Lee Martin second overall and Matt Bridge third overall. So it all comes down to the forth and final round for that top spot in Truggy. E-Buggy was very different this round as well with Kevin Brunsden taking TQ in round with Chris Sharpe-Simkiss second in round and finially Dave Shedd third in round. So what were the overalls at this point. It was Kevin Brunsden in overall TQ, Dave Shedd second overall and Lee Martin third overall. Again this all comes down to the forth and final round of quailfiying. 


With the temperature climbing and people getting hot myself included. Why did I decided to only pack jeans this weekend. But I was regretting it at this stage. Summer heat in September. Who would have thought. But after the forth round of qulaifying plodding on as normal and the weather getting warmer. But in at the end of qualifying we saw Lee Martin take overall TQ with Chris Carlise taking second overall, Chris Sharpe-Simkiss was third overall in the Truggy Class. David Shedd took overall TQ in the E-Buggy Class, Kevin Brunsden was second overall and Karl Jackson was third overall. 

 IMG 6418

After roughly a 45 minute break we started the 3 finals of the day. Starting with the B Final for E-Buggy. This race had 8 drivers, lasted for 15 minutes and with the top 4 bumping up to the A Final. Kevin Martindale took the win after the 15 minute race. Darren Pollard took second place. Daniel Thorne, Forth place was taken by club chairman Paul Shearwood. These drivers were promoted to the A Final E-Buggy. The next final on the track was the Truggy A Final. This race has 9 drivers and it lasted for 30 minutes, After a fast race we saw Lee Martin take the win in this race, Chris Carlise took seond place with his Electric Truggy. And Adrian Svensson took third place. Very well done to all drivers in this race. 

 IMG 6583

After a short break due to all the drivers in the B final Electric having to marshal even the ones that bumped up we started the E-Buggy A Final. This race also lasted for 15 minutes and had 14 drivers in it. But after a fantastic race we saw Lee Martin take yet another win with Karl Jackson in second place. Dave Shedd came in third place. Very well done to all drivers in this meeting. 

 IMG 6534

Because this was the last round of the series I had a big box of trophies, Sadly a few of the drivers in the top 10 wasn't able to make it so we handed out what we could. 


The top 10 Truggy were;

1. Lee Martin

2. Elliot Boots

3. Jamie Clancy

4. Dylan Saunders

5. Matt Bridge

6. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

7. Jon Hazlewood

8. Wes Jolly 

9. Chaz Godwin

10. Freddie Thompson


Top ten E-Buggy were;

1. Lee Martin

2. Elliot Boots

3. William Skidmore

4. Tommy Hall 

5. Mitchell booth

6. Jonathan Skidmore

7. Callum Niblett

8. Karl Jackson

9. Lewis Jones

10. Ben Smith


All the above drivers took home a trophy. And there was one more person that took home a trophy and that was Chris Carlise who took home the Race Directors Award.

I wouldl like to take this time to thank everyone that supported the series this year. It has been a great year with one of the biggest entries we've had in a while. I would also like to thank all the clubs for hosting us all this year. Lets hope we see you all again next year.

All the series results are on the BRCA website. All the photos are on our facebook page.


We hope to see you all again next year!!

Chris Jeffery - Race Control 


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