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Club Affiliation is where your club is formally part of the British Radio Car Association. The Club – and all its members - join the association, thereby ensuring that everybody is part of the Association and receives the appropriate benefits. The Association is purely its members, there is no other holding body, we are – collectively - it.


The reason club affiliation exists is to ensure that everybody competing at a club has Public Liability Insurance in place, both as a competitor and as an organiser (see the notes on Insurance to see why this last bit is vitally important) However in Addition:- It has the effect of identifying the club as a separate entity from its members, so if there is an incident the resulting paperwork can be issued to the ‘XYZ Model Car Club’ and not in the name of the Club Chairman or the person who was running the meeting at the time. This last point can be very worrying for people when legal documents land on the doormat with their name all over it and can impact on things like their ability to get finance while the case is going on, being that little bit to one side can be a much more comfortable place to be. You will therefore receive a membership card in the name of the club – this is Important, keep it with your other club documents. 


Q -Do all our Club officials need to be Members?

A - Yes – unless your RC Club is part of a larger organisation such as a town Sports Club, in which case the officials of the RC Car Committee will do.

Q - What about Visitors?

A - Newcomers to the SPORT are permitted 3 visits to your club before they need to join; experienced racers from other nearby clubs MUST be members to race with you.

Q – We want to go to the local town show is this OK?

A – Perfectly; the membership cover is for the person as well as the club so it’s fully transportable and covers public displays too.

Q – I want to race at another club, do I need to join them?

A – Not from a BRCA point of view No, your BRCA membership travels with you, but that Club may insist you join it; that is their choice.

How to Affiliate your Club

It’s very simple to complete this process but does require some basic checks at your club. To start the process off simply complete the club affiliation sign up form, this will ask you to identify your Club Officials / Senior Members. As long as your club officials have joined and the form is complete – your Affiliation will be processed. If for any reason any of club officails haven’t completed their application, the process will be paused and we’ll contact you.

At your club your club secretary / membership officer needs to then ensure that all your members and any official in any way what-so-ever connected with the clubs RC racing activities have joined the Association. It is vitally important that everybody has this box ticked – you HAVE to know that everybody taking part in the activity no matter if they’re driving or an Official are either BRCA members or can provide the club with proof of Public Liability Insurance from somebody else. Do NOT fall into the trap of missing this step out.

Before you start, you will need to have to hand

• The contact details of your club Chairman & Secretary including their BRCA number.
• Club Logo (optional but preferable)
• A paragraph of info about your club – in a Word file, or similar, for ‘cut and paste’.
• Venue address including postcode.
• Club contact details – ‘on the day’ phone numbers etc

9 Steps to Affiliation

  1. Make sure you, as an individual, are not logged in! This is to STOP personal accounts being attached to club accounts
  2. Complete the Form provided.
  3. Be aware that your user name becomes your clubs URL.
    i.e. Make sure your user name is representative of your club, as it will appear like this:-
    So a user name of “Joe Bloggs” would appear –
  4. Pay £1, which simply stops us being spammed – at the year end all the £1’s will be donated to charity.
    Note;- in the past you would have paid considerably more money which people thought included ‘4 free memberships’ obviously this wasn’t the case, it was done like that to ensure your club had a core committee, now we mostly join on line this isn’t required.
  5. So now you’ve paid – via Paypal – it will return you to, or go there if it doesn’t and log in, using the Clubs user name.
  6. This should take you to your Club Profile, if it doesn’t the button for it is in the new menue at the bottom "Club Tools".
  7. Click ‘Edit Profile’ 
  8. There are 4 Tabs; - User Details, Club Details, Club Contact Details & finally Club Location.
    Complete these forms as required, most important is the ‘Map’ field in the Club Location as this drives the map for the UK clubs. Without this your club is invisible to members!!!
  9. To complete the membership the site will now email the club email account with a welcome letter explaining what the next step is. This next step is important, it verifies the email account, respond as soon as possible as the club is NOT affiliated until this is complete.

Providing the officers details you have provided are correct and you have completed all of your club's details (including step 8!), your Club will be affiliated.

Any problems please use our contact form: here


Make sure you are logged into your club account (you can do this below), then make sure all boxes are filled in and you follow any further inctructions DO NOT create a new account

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