Large Scale Hall Of Fame


Large Scale Off Road (LSOR) Hall Of Fame 


Detailed below are our championship winners over the various race seasons the section as been running its nationwide championships for originally 2 wheel drive buggies, then the introduction of  our 4 wheel drive class and from 2012 our short course class.


Over the early seasons the section awarded national, super national and junior titles, over recent seasons we have awarded national and clubman titles whilst rewarding our junior racers too.


BRCA Champions


  2 Wheel Drive Buggy  4 Wheel Drive Buggy
  Super National National  National
2003 Ian Oddie Chris Gresham
2004 Ian Oddie Chris Sutcliffe
2005 Ian Oddie Ben Jaques
2006 Ian Oddie Steve Milner
2007 Bruce Thompson Simon Forrest  
2008 Stuart Carrick Martin Fallowfield  
2009 Ian Oddie Mike Ellacott  
2010 Ian Oddie Adam Griffith Stevo Backland




  2 Wheel Drive Buggy  4 Wheel Drive Buggy Short Course
  National Clubman National Clubman National Clubman
2011 Ian Oddie   Steve Haynes      
2012 James McCarthy   Steve Haynes   Stevo Backland  
2013 James McCarthy Dan Tough Steve Haynes Ayaz Aslam Duncan Mcmillan Duncan Mcmillan
2014 James McCarthy Dean Coulson Steve Haynes Barry Clissitt Mark Suggitt Mark Suggitt
2015 Karl Norris John Darby Ian Oddie David Griffiths Mark Suggitt Ben Bridges
2016 Karl Norris Paul Gresty Ian Oddie Guy Page Lee Chapman Mathew Stokes
2017 Karl Norris David Grimshaw Stuart Wood Charles Butterworth Mathew Stokes Mathew Buxton
2018 Karl Norris Kevan Churchil Ian Oddie Les Darby Jack Keatley Martin Fitzpatrick
2019 Karl Norris Mindaugas Klenauskas Ian Oddie John Darby David Parish Simon Godney
2021 Karl Norris Oliver Whitleston Tommy Chung Leon Balfe Ian Oddie Charles Butterworth