2015 BRCA LSOR Round 3, Kendal bash and race track

Large Scale Off Road

May bank holiday saw the L.S.O.R petrol heads marching north to the hills and mountains of Cumbria, for round 3 of the large scale off road championships. Without doubt the Kendal track is the most scenic track in the large scale sectors calendar. From the podium, rolling hills ,blossom on trees, sheep, and Darren Worth's pile of flapjack and Millionaires shortbread are the back drop to a fantastic large scale arena.

As usual the weather had been pre booked by Kendal's very own god Steve Jones, who once again predicted and supplied a weekend of sunshine to keep the southern softies warm and dry over the coming weekends racing.

The track if I dare say so myself (no bias here!!!) looked in great shape. Sections of the track prior to the meeting had been prepared and made ready to have astro turf laid. This was purely to protect those vulnerable areas prone to abuse from the powerful motors used in the large scale section. But unfortunately the astro turf was delayed in arriving. Was this going to be a factor that would effect the drive of the track? Or was a little rain going to make its way over, and help protect the track a little as it did last year. I think we all know the answer to that one!

A lot of hard work once again went into making the track and the surrounding area to the standards we all like to see when we travel such distances for a weekends racing.

This year my family dedicated a lot of time to help the old man get everything organised. The kids where great at shovelling sheep dung from the track. The wife’s dog attacked sheep and cows or anything that came close. Ben my nephew was there in spirit, nuff said. Paul my best friend turned his hand to art this year, and painted all the tyres around the track, freshen it up a bit he said !, well, if you look from the podium the tyres looked fresh ! but from the other end of the track the tyres looked like they were fresh from the canal! I'm not sure if anyone is aware but my best pal Paul is as tight as they come, he had a coal fire and was even know to follow coalmen round the streets of Seahouses on the off chance they drop a few chunks!, so saving paint was his mission and he probably fooled you all ! I can see you all now checking YouTube, seeing if the frontal footage looks better than the rear footage (no dirty innuendos intended).

Guy page you are a legend (even if you do wear tight shorts and wellies first thing in the morning), as usual you were there to give your all!

Eddie (chippy Eddie) and Lee Chapman were both dedicated and put in a huge effort to help the track look its best.

So to you all, I send my deepest thanks and gratitude for all the hard work. Without you, the weekend would not have been what it was.

Saturday - time to get down and dirty - practice time

Saturday duly arrived, with the sound of songbirds and the wife's wind !, with sunshine peering threw my vodka stained eyes I rolled into action to get the last few jobs done ready for the drivers arrival, only for Darren Worth to tell me he wanted it done differently!

Early morning to mid afternoon saw the glampers and campers arrive, and set up ready for what promised to be a sunshine filled day of hard core off road racing.

Myself and the Kendal team decided that 12.30 would be the best time to open the track, and with all the jobs planned done, we announced that the track was open.

Like a scene from a Boxing Day opening sale, the stampede to the podium began, like wildebeest crossing the Serengeti, the drivers from all 3 classes headed towards the podium. From that very moment I knew that these guys love to run on grass. Astro has its good points and is a much more club friendly surface to run on, and care for, but let’s face it ...GRASS IS OUR ROOTS ! (See what I did there?).

So from 12.30 till the end of the day a constant stream of drivers challenged themselves on the Kendal track. I spoke to Guy Page over the weekend and said that I had never seen a race meeting yet, where people where cueing up to get time on the podium. This was pretty much the case all day.

But to an extent this did play a factor in the track’s condition come Sunday finals.

I personally didn’t get on the track until about 2.15, I was quite happy just taking it all in, watching everyone have a ball, and soaking up the sunshine amidst the sounds of highly tuned engines screaming in the back ground.

At about 3.30 we closed the track for half an hour to do a few repairs to the track. But in fairness the track, though it had taken a beating was looking in good shape and we were confident that the track would hold out well enough for Sundays finals.

So after a roll or two of duck tape the track re opened and the queuing began again to get a spot on the podium.

So after 5 hours of practice, time was called and the track was


The mood changed, people started to sob into their pot noodles .Arguments started, tempers were fraying as people came to terms with putting their toys away till the morning. Such a sad, sad sight! Get a grip men!

Sunday Qualification & Finals - Gentlemen start your engines!

Race day arrived, and as we always do we headed over to the Darren Worth show. He calls it a race briefing, but we know your game Mr Worth!

Darren talked us threw the days racing, and as ever pointed out the dos and don’ts for the day.

So after the listings where put up for the days schedule, we kicked round 3 of with rooster tails of dirt and grass!

Qualifiers for the days racing started at 9.15, the sun was shining and the scene was set for what was to be a great day’s competitive large scale off road racing set in the hills of the Lune Valley Cumbria.

The qualies were to see most people opting for stud or block tyres, trying to get the balance this time of how much grip was safe to use, too much grip and you risk rolling on the grassy sections of the track. Too little grip meant sliding on the drier dirt sections creating too much under steer, so the balance was going to be key.

The track for the start of the qualies was showing signs of what I can only describe as ....looking like it had an argument with a b52 bomber. A little pitted in the corners. Zenoah challengeish. Bumpy! Other expletives can be substituted so use your imagination!

But all in all, I think the track at the start of Sunday was rough in places, but made up for it in others.


The finals

Short Course - B Final

Sunday's finals kicked off with the short course class. 2.10 saw the buzzer go as Peter Barnes, Marvin Crooks and Robin Rymer lead out the pack on a dry and stony track.

Consistent lap times was going to be the key to winning on this track, making as few mistakes as you can, that seemed to be in Peter Barnes game plan, keeping an average of just over 40 seconds a lap played a crucial part in this final. Peter taking 1st place by a huge 3 lap margin. 2nd place was not going to be as easy as Peters win. Marvin Crooks having a royal battle with Robin Rymer to the very end with new comer Jim Whitehead doing himself proud to take 4th spot, in the only 2wd in the LOSI class, sorry short course class.

But it was Marvin who held his nerve for long enough to take a well deserved 2nd place. Robin Rymer securing 3rd place and the final bump up spot for this b final. 2WD - B Final

Shortly after 2.30 the 2wd buggy class got under way. This final was going to be tight at the top, with the top half of the field all capable of battling hard to the very end whilst maintaining the concentration needed to handle these powerful 2wd buggies.

The 20 minute final was to see Steve Milner, Tim Worthey and Colin Lupton close to each others heels, with Dean Coulson unable to keep up with the leading race pace.

Steve Milner crossed the line after 20 minute with a stairway to heaven drive (see what I did there Steve ?) to take 1st place with 18 seconds to spare over 2nd place Tim Worthey. Colin Lupton with a consistent drive securing a great 3rd place and bumping up to the a final.

Lower down the table saw young Oliver show his dad exactly how to do it. Beating the old man by a massive 19 laps. Well done Oliver, I'm sure your dad told you his car had a mechanical failure, or something like that, but you and me know, he froze with fear as you passed him for the first time! So well done young man.

4WD - B Final

The last b final of the day was to see the 4wd guys take the stage. With the track now looking pretty rough in the corners, new challenges where being thrown up. The right line, the speed through a bomb hole, all these things now having to be part of the race plan.

The pack all set off like rockets, and all approaching the first bend with a little too much enthusiasm lol, it was always going to end in tears. But not for me....oh no ! From 8th to 1st place managing to avoid the dog pile of cars on the track. I would like to complete this section of the report with a larger section stating how I dominated the rest of the final. But no, one mistake saw the rest of the field catch me. Great battles between Leon Satchel, Andy Love, Mike Humphreys and Michael Wilding where then taking place as we all drove to our best considering the deteriorating track conditions.

Places seemed to change from lap to lap, with the average laps starting to hit the 35-37 seconds, as the pace increased.

I soon found myself back into a good position and comfortably in a bump up spot. But when the 16 minute mark came, my balls shrunk and one fell out! (Ball bearings in the drive shaft), which left me with no rear left drive.

The 20 minute final came to an end with the top three spots going to Leon Satchell in 1st, Andy Love taking 2nd spot and Mike "quality street" Humphreys securing the last bump up place into the a final.

Short Course - Main Final

The a final for the short course class kicked off at 3.26 with the usual suspects leading out the field, and showing the spectators that these kinds of tracks and conditions are truly what the Losi is designed to be driven on. Soaking up the bumps and lumps with ease, due to the high chassis and long shock travel on these huge cars, t was a joy to watch, a little bit brutal at times but still very, very entertaining.

Once again this field was seemingly going to be dominated by the man on a roll that is Dean Mandeville. But not having everything his own way early in the race, Ian Southey pushing hard and always threatening to take charge of the race if Dean made a mistake. As I marshalled this race it was clear that Ian Southey was starting to push for the lead, and taking the lead at one point. Ian is another one of the new wave of drivers within the nationals who seems to be improving with every meeting he takes part in. Last year there was Stefan Howe who to me was the most improved driver in the sc class. This year Ian gets my vote, he is clearly starting to race with skill and nerve, and challenging the podium each time he dons his hi viz!

Anyway enough about Ian, after a hard fought battle Dean Mandeville showed his class to take another win in the series, with a 2 lap lead over a very impressive Ian Southey in 2nd place and Mr consistent Paul Wood taking 3rd place on the podium. Well done guys, great race to watch.

Name   Result   Avrg Lap   Nat #   Buggy Make   Model


1 Dean Mandeville 33/20m 28.78 37.24 N Losi 5ive-T
2 Ian Southey 31/20m 4.68 38.86 N Losi 5ive-T
3 Paul Wood 30/19m 5.54 38.18 N Losi 5ive-T
4 Lee Chapman 30/20m 6.24 40.21 C Losi 5ive-T
5 Peter Barnes 29/20m 10.23 41.73 N Losi 5ive-T
6 Ben Bridges 28/20m 0.57 42.88 C Losi 5ive-T
7 Robin Rymer 26/20m 11.04 46.58 C Losi 5ive-T
8 James Clark 13/10m 28.97 48.38 C Losi 5ive-T
9 Marc Harrison 7/ 4m 42.32 40.33 N Losi 5ive-T


Marvin Crooks     C Losi 5ive-T

2WD - Main Final

Now it’s the turn for the 2 wheel drive buggy’s to take on the ever changing track, with areas of the track now throwing up some real challenges. How would the guys cope with such a track and only rear wheels driving you forward?

This final is one I know that Darren Worth enjoys most, and it sometimes shows in his race commentary. He does get a little excited at times, and his camera always at the ready to snap away as the buggys charge towards him. The race was to see the top

half of the draw cope with the track better, great battles between dad and son Andy and Dominic Blackburn, both trying to keep up with the pace at the head of the field.

Dave Ashton driving hard from the word go, had his hands full if he was to take the final top spot on the podium. With Karl Norris consistently hitting 38 -39 second laps he seemed to be the man who was handling his car and track better than the rest.

After 30 minutes of racing, the buzzer sounded with a great win

for Karl Norris. Dave Ashton holding of a talented Dominic Blackburn to take 2nd place, and Dominic settling for 3rd place only 3 seconds off 2nd spot on the podium.

Once again another great race to watch, places changing all the time, and the skill of the top boys really show when the conditions get as difficult as it was.

Name   Result   Avrg Lap
Buggy Make   Model

Pos Nat #

1 Karl Norris 46/30m 26.28 39.70 N Hoërmann HT3 V3
2 Dave Ashton 45/30m 18.00 40.40 N Hoërmann HT3 V3
3 Dominic Blackburn 45/30m 21.93 40.49 N Hoërmann HT3 V2
4 Andy Blackburn 44/30m 3.81 41.00 N Hoërmann HT3 V2
5 Luke Gower 43/30m 32.96 42.63 N Hoërmann HT3 V2
6 Neil Griffin 42/30m 39.49 43.80 N Hoërmann HT3 V2
7 Mark Higgins 40/30m 7.34 45.18 N Elcon Cleon MMX 2012
8 Steve Milner 40/30m 30.36 45.76 N Hoërmann HT3 V3
9 Colin Lupton 38/30m 4.70 47.49 C FG Leopard 2
10 Tim Worthey 38/30m 17.34 47.82 C Elcon Cleon MMX 2011

4WD - Main Final

The last final of the weekend saw the top 10 4x4 drivers do battle to see who would take the crown at the sun drenched Kendal race track. The final didn’t start as well as expected, if I’m not mistaken Craig Orman had a pull starter problem at the beginning of the race, and called a ten minute delay on the start.

Calling the delay meant that Craig was to start from the pits, but at least he was still in the race.

As usual the 4 wheel drive buggy’s charged off at the sound of the buzzer with Craig joining the back of pack form the pit lane.

Ian Oddie as expected took control of the race from the very off. Showing us all why he has won so many prestigious titles in his long rc racing career. Guy Page having a great drive in the middle of the field, fighting well and proving he has the skills suitable for his trip to the Euros this year.

Jack Keatley driving like a man possessed but making too many errors in the rough sections, so loosing time on the charging field. This race saw Steve sticky Haynes charge through the filed to challenge Ian for 1st place, with both drivers trading places when the other made a mistake, this continued till the end of the race but unfortunately Steve’s car ran out of fuel.

So the final line up after a great 30 minute final saw Ian Oddie taking 1st place, Steve sticky Hynes driving to a masterful 2nd spot, and Dave Griffiths taking a well-deserved 3rd place.

Yet again another great race to watch, and also to learn from. Well done to all podium places.

Name   Result   Avrg Lap
Buggy Make   Model

Pos Nat #

1 Ian Oddie 50/30m 7.49 36.15 N Elcon Imp4ct XL
2 Steve Haynes 49/29m 16.22 35.84 N MCD Race Runner V5
3 Dave Griffiths 48/30m 31.78 38.16 C MCD Race Runner V5
4 Andy Love 47/30m 16.38 38.65 N Losi 5ive-B
5 Guy Page 47/30m 28.61 38.91 N MCD Race Runner V5
6 Jack Keatley 46/30m 39.67 39.99 N MCD Race Runner V5
7 Craig Orman 44/30m 20.46 41.37 N FG Leopard 4
8 Mike Humphreys 35/23m 7.86 39.65 N Losi 5ive-B
9 Steve Price 7/16m 29.86 2m 21.41 C MCD Race Runner V5
10 Leon Satchell 1/ 56.25 56.25 C MCD Race Runner V5

That's all folks !

Well that’s the end of another great round of racing as part of the UK national championships.

We had fantastic weather, a great track to race on. Great food, and more importantly to me, we had great company. I think this is one of the best attributes this hobby has, the people that turn up each month, to take part in this fantastic hobby.

I have made some great friends in this hobby, I've laughed, cried and gotten real drunk with people who share the same hobby as I do.

So thank you all for that.

Our remaining events are below but please note that Rnd 4 will now be a return visit to the Nene Valley Raceway track in Northamptonshire instead of our inaugural visit to the new MMR M4 Karting track :-

Rnd           Weekend              Venue

4                           20 – 21 June’15 Nene Valley Raceway

5                           18 – 19 July’15      Nook Raceway

6                           22 – 23 Aug’15      Pickering RC

7                           19 – 20 Sept’15      Ings Raceway

8                           10 – 11 Oct’15       MMR M4 Karting

Detailed series results including lap times and positions are available online via https://www.brcalsor.org/race-results/brca-lsor-2015-results/and the meetings to date go to show that it does not matter what large scale off road vehicle you own or your ability, you are most welcome to come and join in the fun of the BRCA LSOR section, turn up on the Saturday and get some track practice in during the afternoon and then enter the meeting on Sunday. Photos from all our rounds can be found within the gallery at www.brca-lsor.org.

On behalf of the section can I congratulate all our winners and ask those who are planning on participating in the 2015 BRCA LSOR race series to please book in online ahead of the meeting so event planning can be undertaken, if the attendance levels remain high then our racing will continue to commence at 9am to give you all the track time you want.

Booking in can be done at https://www.brca-lsor.org/booking-in/.

If you are reading this and not too far from any of our forthcoming venues then feel free to come along and see some of the largest radio car racing you will see in the UK. Likewise pop along to one of our venues and enquire about RC racing whether we are there or not.

Further details on the section and our hobby can be sourced via the BRCA website @ www.brca.org

The weekend didn’t end for me when you all went home. I stayed with the family and a few friends and reflected on the weekends shenanigans.

I’ve seen Guy Page in tight shorts and wellies. I've seen the fire starter Glyn Taylor, showing us his skills as a flaming jerry can juggler.

I’ve seen animals being rushed to the vets by animal rescue officer/Rolf Harris aka Darren Worth!

I lost my dog, only to find that Colin Lupton had plans on smuggling her back home with him.

I've witnessed Gresty's dog escaping his company and cooking skills, but safely found half way up a mountain!

I’ve witnessed close up (right behind my tent, with a reminder note attached, asking me to please pee down hill of his tent) the so called tent that Steve "sticky" Haynes uses. I think he would find more room if he squeezed into a condom.

What more can I say about round 3 at Kendal race track.

All I can really say is a big thanks to all the people who helped make it a success, a bigger thanks to all the drivers, friends and family that made the long journey to take part.

And lastly as always a big thanks to the man who makes this section run, Darren Worth once again for the dedicated time he commits to this hobby.

Thanks for reading and if you don’t participate in our national championship and fancy experiencing some racing then don’t forget the 2016 Zenoah Challenge Cup, which is the UK’s only indoor off road event which is run over three days from 5th to the 7th February with drivers of all abilities welcome. If you are interested in finding out more about this fun indoor event then visit www.zenoahchallengecup.info

Signing off now,

Steve Jones

aka "Fingers"

2015 BRCA LSOR Section Public Relations Officer