2015 BRCA LSOR Round 4, Nene Valley Raceway

Large Scale Off Road

Round 4 saw racers from across England, gather together to race on the famous Nene Valley Raceway track as part of the UK national large scale off road (LSOR) championships.Set amongst the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside 50 or so drivers where set to make some noise, and test their skills on the ever popular and demanding Nene Valley RC track.

As promised by the man himself Darren Worth, the weather was booked, the track prepared and looking in great shape (as usual), and drivers where roaring to go in their pursuit of championship titles amongst their respected classes. I arrived late on Friday evening, to see the camping area already starting to fill up with tents and glamper vans, which usually indicates that numbers where going to be good once again.

By nine o’clock the party tent was starting to waken up, with drivers from across the UK enjoying the social side of this sport ( I use the term sport loosely ...basically grown men acting like children with toy cars...throw in a few beers and adult humour and you have the LSOR section ). And we all love it


The sounds of Abba and AC/DC went on till late into the night, and to be honest Nene Valley Raceway would not be the same without Abba, a little bit of rock and Glyn bursting his lungs with his karaoke renditions.

Saturday - time to get a grip its practice time

Saturday morning came quickly, and like turtles popping heads out of shells the Friday night campers emerged from their pits, to be greeted with sunshine.

But the forecast wasn’t going to be all plain sailing according to the forecast, showers where expected , but I am sure that nothing was going to stop everyone having a great days racing/practice.

By lunch time the camping area was starting to get busy, drivers arriving from all parts of the UK. Pit stations being erected left right and centre, beer buckets charged, sponge bob square pants tumblers ready, barbeques ready, oh and more importantly Horman's, Losi's, Elcon's, MCD's and FG's prepared and ready to roll.

12 o’clock came and the track was open (or was it 12.30 ? .Sponge Bob is a bad influence on me ...he makes me drink vodka and see things differently come the morning !)

Anyway the track was opened and drivers made their way to the track. The sound of highly tuned 2 stroke engines signalled the start of what we hoped was going to be a great weekends racing.

As usual the podium filled up quickly, as drivers looked for the best setup they could ahead of Sunday’s finals.

The track conditions where a little slippery as a few small showers made the track a little greasy, but with the sunshine, and a good breeze the conditions where soon to change back to dry conditions.

The drier the track became the faster the drivers became, lap times started to tumble as the drivers grip and confidence increased.

I took several trips trackside throughout the session to watch practice unfold and, the class that stood out most when the track was dry was the 2wd buggy’s. To see these cars in full flow on tracks that offer this much grip was at times breath taking, easily competing with if not dominating the practice session against the 4x4 buggy’s and the short course classes.

Saturday’s weather stayed warm and bright, with only a couple of showers throughout the day throwing some small challenges to drivers.

By mid-afternoon the camping areas , both on the astro and grassed areas was really starting to fill up. Drivers of all classes now creating a constant stream towards the podium and a constant stream of drivers coming back from the podium, but strangely enough most drivers not having the big smiley faces they normally have when they made their way back to the pits...yes ! It’s damage time !! ...and yes I am sure we all had at some point dragged our cars back, with the b###ocks my cars bust face !!. and lets be honest we’ve all got

one. Ben Bridges yours is the most noticeable !!.

Practice was over at 5.30 and all in all the impression is that everyone got or had a good days practice in ahead of the qualifier’s and finals on Sunday.

Now what where we going to do?

Early night ? polish the car ? try tuning in a satellite tv for 2 hours ?








Sunday Qualification & Finals - Gentlemen its time to go racing!

So Sunday arrived, and drivers emerge from their tents and glamp mobiles with yes ! a lot of sore heads. Men generally shaking their heads at each other in acknowledgment of a good Saturday night.

Time for race briefing at 9 o’clock in preparation for what we all hoped was going to be a great days racing with sunshine, and the sultry looks of Darren Worth welcoming us at tracks side.

Darren welcomed us all as he always does, to another meet within the BRCA LSOR section, and walked us all through what he expected from us all, giving instructions as to how we were to conduct    ourselves         throughout      the       day,     safety issues         also communicated in the event of any problems track side.

With the sun shining round 4 of the large scale off road championships kicked off with the usual pace we expect from these cars. Sand roosters filling the air and the sounds of petrol rc cars we all love to hear.

Grip wasn’t a problem at all, with everyone taking to the dry setup, astro pins and Schumacher waves seeming to be the choice of the day. It’s all about the grip! and grip we got.

The finals

2WD - C Final

The first of the finals was to see the 2wd c final which started at 2.22pm with the drivers lining up in pursuit of bumping up to reach the b final in this class.

A ten minute b final saw a dominating Neil Griffith take charge from the offset. Closely followed by Dave Grimshaw, Pete Seymour and Kerry Thorpe who were all within touching distance of each other as they approached the ten minute marker.

Neil Griffiths who seemed to have his car attached to a rocket, left the trailing field in his wake, taking a 2 lap advantage at the final bell, for an impressive first place spot. Dave Grimshaw taking a respectable second place and Pete Seymour taking the final bump up spot into the b final.

#   Name   Result Avrg Lap Nat #   Make   Model


1 1 Neil Griffin 13/10m 41.32 49.33         N Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
2 2 Dave Grimshaw 11/10m 12.68   55.70         C Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
3 3 Pete Seymour 11/10m 38.25   58.02         C FG Leopard 2 26cc
4 6 Kerry Thorpe 11/10m 44.47   58.59         C Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
5 5 Oliver Whittleston 10/10m 18.66   1m 1.87     C Hoërmann HT2 TK10 26cc
6 4 Saul Morris 4/ 4m 57.80   1m 14.45 C HPI Baja 26cc

4WD - C Final

The first of the 4 wheel drive buggy class finals started with a competitive field all on a charge, and looking for a top 3 place to get themselves into the b final. This final was to see a real close race amongst the majority of the drivers.

Close battles mid field saw Andrew Gilbert, the young Brandon Clissett, and "Sid" Iqbal battle it out as they all made a charge for the top spots. However the pace was just too fast at the head of the field. The top 4 drivers Matt Miah, Leon Satchell, Guy Page and Ravin Jansari all within a few seconds of each other seemed to have their cars dialled in as they battled for the important podium place but it was not to be for our dentist "Rav".

As the buzzer sounded a great drive saw Matt Miah take 1st place, Leon Satchell securing 2nd place and with Guy Page hot on his heals to take the final spot into the b final.

Name   Result
Make   Model   Engine

Pos Avrg Lap Nat #

1          3          Matt Miah          12/10m 9.21     50.77    C          MCD     Race Runner V5            29cc 2 2             Leon Satchell    12/10m 17.29 51.44      C          MCD     Race Runner V5            28cc 3 4          Guy Page             12/10m 30.45 52.54      N          MCD     Race Runner V5            26cc 4 6          Ravin Jansari    12/10m 49.17 54.10      C          Losi      5ive-B   28.5cc 5            9          Sohail "sid" Iqbal           11/10m 4.96     55.00    C             MCD     Race Runner V5            28.5cc 6            8          Brandon Clissitt             11/10m 37.33 57.94      C             Losi      5ive-B   26cc 7 7          Andrew Gilbert 11/10m 48.97 59.00      C          MCD     Race Runner V5             26cc 8 10 Gary Burns   9/10m 9.91       1m 7.77            C          MCD     Race Runner V4            29cc 9 1 Steve Price 8/10m 0.05c 1m 6.67 C MCD Race Runner V5 26cc 10 5 Bob Weaver 7/ 6m 49.70 58.53 C Losi 5ive-B 26cc

Short Course - B Final

The first of the short course driver’s finals was to see an extremely close race right until the final bell, with the top 4 places all within 12 seconds of each other, as they charged for the top 3 places.

Mid field battles between James Clarke, Robin Rymer and the only 2 wheel drive car in the sc class driven by Jim Whitehead, saw close racing to challenge the top 4, but not managing to stay on the pace.

After 15 minutes of driving Marvin Crooks held onto 1st place by the skin of his teeth over Ben Bridges in 2nd place by just over 1.5 seconds. Third place saw the young talent that is Lee Chapman securing another 3rd spot and final bump up place into the sc a final.

Pos #        Name                             Result                 Avrg Lap Nat #     Make           Model                        Engine

1 4 Marvin Crooks 17/15m 19.47   54.09 C Losi 5ive-T 29.5cc
2 1 Ben Bridges 17/15m 20.84   54.17 C Losi 5ive-T 29cc
3 3 Lee Chapman 17/15m 21.70   54.22 C Losi 5ive-T 28.5cc
4 2 Christopher Bourne 17/15m 32.88   54.88 C Losi 5ive-T 29cc
5 6 James Clark 16/15m 9.64      56.85 C Losi 5ive-T 28cc
6 5 Robin Rymer 16/15m 49.56   59.35 C Losi 5ive-T 28.5cc
7 8 Jim Whitehead 14/15m 2.63      1m 4.47 C Losi 5ive-T 29.5cc
8 7 Richard Scott 11/15m 3.29       1m 22.12 C Losi 5ive-T 26cc

2WD - B Final

At just after 3.15 the 2wd b final kicked off with all drivers confident that the dry weather was going to see fast times from the rear wheel drive buggys, and again the filed right from the start was to see some extremely close racing.

Neil Griffin who dominated the c final sadly retired with mechanical problems after 8 minutes, with Pete Seymour also having to bring his car in with mechanical failure.

The pace was fast and furious, but Mark Higgins had the pace to take out a lead over a battling mid field as they approached the 15 minute marker.

Mark Cove and Dave Grimshaw, having a ding dong of a race, as

they both battled to take and keep third spot.

After the 15 minute buzzer sounded Mark Higgins crossed the line in an impressive first place. John Derby took 2nd place in his Elcon, with Mark Cove eventually holding onto third spot in an exciting race.

#   Name   Result
Model   Engine

Pos Avrg Lap Nat #

1 1 Mark Higgins 19/15m 29.04   48.90 N Elcon Cleon MMX 2012 26cc
2 2 John Darby 18/15m 23.31   51.30 C Elcon Cleon MMX 2012 26cc
3 5 Mark Cove 18/15m 42.33   52.35 N Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
4 9 Dave Grimshaw 18/15m 48.75   52.71 C Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
5 7 Dane Whittleston 17/14m 36.82   51.58 N Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
6 4 Steve Milner 17/15m 5.55      53.27 N Hoërmann HT3 V3 26cc
7 3 Dean Coulson 17/15m 8.28      53.43 N Hoërmann HT3 26cc
8 6 Paul Gresty 14/15m 52.28   1m 8.02 C Hoërmann HT3 V3 26cc
9 8 Neil Griffin 9/ 8m 1.01   53.45 N Hoërmann HT3 V2 26cc
10 10 Pete Seymour 9/10m 9.57   1m 7.73 C FG Leopard 2 26cc

4WD - B Final

The last b final of the day was promising to be a real close call, with anyone capable of taking a podium spot in an extremely competitive field.

Right from the very off this race was going to be close, with all drivers pushing hard , all in search of the important top three spots to guarantee a place in the all-important a final.

Les Derby who had a good weekends driving sadly pulled out after 5 minutes with mechanical issues, and Roger Smith unable to start the race.

(I must say this report is extremely hard to write with a house full of friends. Two kids running riot and the British grand prix in full swing ) but I will persevere!


As the 15 minute marker arrived, 1st and 2nd place was not guarantee for either Leon Satchell or

Mike Humphreys, just a few seconds was separating them. Ayaz Aslam and Dave Griffiths where also involved in their own battle to get a foot on the podium.

Andy Love who had been charging at the top of the field sadly had steering issues which saw him drop out of the top section of the field as the 15 minute final drew to a close.

As the bell rang out, Leon Satchell eventually took out just under a 2

second lead to take 1st place over Mike Humphreys in 2nd place, with Ayaz Aslam having a consistent drive to take the final bump up spot.

Name   Result
Make   Model   Engine

Pos Avrg Lap Nat #

1          9          Leon Satchell    20/15m 42.51 47.13      C          MCD     Race Runner V5            28cc 2 1             Mike Humphreys           20/15m 44.21 47.21      N          Losi      5ive-B   26cc 3 3          Ayaz Aslam             19/15m 3.02     47.53    N          MCD     Race Runner V5            28cc 4 4          Dave Griffiths   19/15m 10.46 47.92      C          MCD     Race Runner V5            28cc 5 2          Andy Love        19/15m 17.64 48.30      N             Losi      5ive-B   29cc 6 10 Guy Page     19/15m 31.34 49.02      N          MCD     Race Runner V5             26cc 7 5          Robert Beevers             19/15m 38.31 49.38      C          Losi      5ive-B   28.5cc 8 8 Matt Miah 18/15m 14.96 50.83 C MCD Race Runner V5 29cc 9 6 Les Darby 6/ 5m 40.28 56.71 N Elcon Imp4ct 29cc 10             7          Roger Smith                            N          MCD     Race Runner V5            26cc

Short Course - Main Final

The a final for the short course class kicked off at 4.10pm was to see the largest scale cars in the Lsor section do battle on a sunny day with the track offering ample grip for all drivers.

COME ON IAN SOUTHEY! YOU CAN DO IT! was the cry from trackside

As always the sc class starts off with enough shoulder rubbing to make a mosh pit look like a knit and natter session.

After 2 or 3 laps all drivers settle down to 30 minutes YES 30 MINUTES ! of racing.

GO ON IAN SOUTHEY !... your car looks amazing when the sun glances off it !

A third of the way through the race it was clear that Dean Mandeville was on top form as usual, and starting to lap some of the back markers, leaving the rest of the field to battle it out lower down the field.

Mark Suggitt was driving well, with Marc Harrison having a great drive and snapping at the heels of a 2nd place finish. Paul Wood (Mr consistent) ,seemingly off the pace this week but still giving his all.


Lower down the field Lee Chapman had himself another good race, and continuing his challenge for the clubman championship.

30 minutes came and a dominating Dean Mandeville took another impressive win and 1st place over 2nd place Mark Suggitt who was not quite on the pace this weekend but his mind was on his new family so a big congratulations Mark to you and the Mrs on your new arrival . Marc Harrison having a great drive and secured a 3rd place podium spot.


#   Name   Result Avrg Lap Nat # Make   Model   Engine


1        1          Dean Mandeville            40/30m 43.86   46.10    N          Losi      5ive-T   26cc 2 2          Mark Suggitt           38/30m 5.29     47.51    N          Losi      5ive-T   29cc

3        4          Marc Harrison    38/30m 21.79   47.94    N          Losi      5ive-T   30cc 4 3          Paul Wood           38/30m 36.98   48.34    N          Losi      5ive-T   26cc 5 5          Ian Southey       36/30m 24.75   50.69    N           Losi      5ive-T   26cc 6 7          Peter Barnes     35/30m 30.00   52.29    N          Losi      5ive-T   29cc 7 10 Lee Chapman 34/30m 44.85   54.26    C          Losi      5ive-T   28.5cc 8            8          Marvin Crooks   32/30m 42.87             57.59    C          Losi      5ive-T   29.5cc

2WD - Main Final

Now it’s the turn for the 2 wheel drive buggy’s to take on the challenging Nene astroturf and at 4.47pm we saw the start of the 2wd final, with all drivers seemingly more than capable of challenging to get a foot on the podium.

This race was to see quite a few of the drivers frustrated and having to pull up short of the 30 minute final, and basically leaving the final to be competed between only 5 drivers out of the starting field.

Karl Norris and Ric Ashman were both on form in this final, and starting to take out a lap lead over the trailing field, with Dave Ashton doing his best to keep up the pace of the leading drivers. Andy Blackburn who is usually to be seen at the head of the field, didn’t seem to be able to keep up the pace of the leading pack.

After an intense drive and only 5 drivers left in the final, it was Karl Norris who eventually brought his car across the line to take another 1st place in the 2wd championship. Ric Ashman was just 18 seconds of the pace taking a great 2nd place (would like to big you up more, but you keep beating me at pool on Facebook). 3rd place went to Dave Ashton a lap behind Ric.

             Pos #      Name                      Result                Avrg Lap Nat # Make           Model                     Engine

1 1          Karl Norris         40/30m 15.77 45.39      N          Hoërmann HT3 V3         26cc 2 3          Rick Ashman   40/30m 38.62 45.97      N          FG        Leopard 2         26cc 3 4          Dave Ashton     39/30m 7.27        46.34    N          Hoërmann HT3 V3         26cc 4 2          Andy Blackburn             38/30m 9.29    47.61    N          Hoërmann HT3 V2         26cc 5 9          John Darby       34/30m 14.59 53.37      C    Elcon    Cleon MMX 2012           26cc 6 10 Mark Cove    25/25m 5.73     1m 0.23            N          Hoërmann HT3 V2     26cc 7 7          Andy Knight      22/23m 1.59     1m 2.80            N          Hoërmann HT3 V3    26cc 8 5          Dominic Blackburn 19/15m 18.78 48.36 N          Hoërmann HT3 V2         26cc 9 8    Mark Higgins     19/17m 27.34 55.12      N          Elcon    Cleon MMX 2012           26cc

            10     6     Luke Gower             4/ 4m 13.73      1m 3.43     N         Hoërmann HT3 V2                    26cc

4WD - Main Final

The last final of the weekend saw the top 10 4x4 drivers do battle to see who would take the crown at the sun drenched Nene Valley race track.

With such quality in the field, like Ian Oddie, Steve Haynes, Craig Orman, Mike Humphreys, it was always going to be a tough race, and this one was going to be no different.

As usual Mr O and Steve Haynes settle down and immediately started to set the pace and take out comfortable leads over the trailing field. But things where soon to change as Steve Haynes pulled out of the race at the 15 minute marker, which gave way to challenges coming from David the Parrot Parish.

Meanwhile a mid-field battle between Steve "fingers" Jones and

Mike "quality street" Humphreys, saw both drivers battle it out for 30 minutes, with places being exchanged several times throughout the race. That's right despite my sour face during Saturday practice I had a great Sunday and qualified straight into the A final.

Leon Satchell who had a fantastic two lower finals seemed still to be on a charge, and as the closing bell loomed, Leon had made his way up to 3rd place. As the buzzer sounded, Ian Oddie took an impressive 1st place, and with seconds to go, Leon Satchell snatched 2nd spot from David the parrot Parish in 3rd place. Despite finishing third Dave the parrot Parish was thrilled with this top table spot but could he have done it if the team elcon caravan had not had a visit and

tuning lesson from Mr O with some oddified advise.

#   Name   Result
Make   Model   Engine

Pos Avrg Lap Nat #

1 1 Ian Oddie 42/30m 0.31     42.86 N Elcon Imp4ct XL 26cc
2 8 Leon Satchell 41/30m 30.76   44.65 C MCD Race Runner V5 28cc
3 7 Dave Parish 41/30m 32.70   44.70 N Elcon Imp4ct 28cc
4 6 Steve Jones 39/30m 6.91     46.33 N Elcon Imp4ct 26cc
5 9 Mike Humphreys 39/30m 15.44   46.55 N Losi 5ive-B 26cc
6 5 Guy Hayward 39/30m 23.12   46.75 N Losi 5ive-B 29cc
7 3 Jack Keatley 38/30m 9.87     47.63 N MCD Race Runner V5 30cc
8 10 Ayaz Aslam 24/18m 21.79   45.91 N MCD Race Runner V5 28cc
9 2 Steve Haynes 21/15m 11.43   43.40 N MCD Race Runner V5 28cc

10     4        Craig Orman              15/11m 30.67 46.04          N           FG                Leopard 4                 26cc

That's all folks !

Well another round of large scale rc racing comes to an end and the championship title places are starting to take shape.

We were all blessed with good weather, good company, and good racing at Nene Valley Raceway.

Detailed series results including lap times and positions are available online via https://www.brcalsor.org/race-results/brca-lsor-2015-results/and the meetings to date go to show that it does not matter what large scale off road vehicle you own or your ability, you are most welcome to come and join in the fun of the BRCA LSOR section, turn up on the Saturday and get some track practice in during the afternoon and then enter the meeting on Sunday. Photos from all our rounds can be found within the gallery at www.brca-lsor.org. Our remaining rounds for 2015 are :-

      Rnd         Weekend              Venue

5                            18 – 19 July’15   Nook Raceway

6                            22 – 23 Aug’15   Pickering RC

7                            19 – 20 Sept’15   Ings Raceway

8                            10 – 11 Oct’15    MMR M4 Karting

On behalf of the section can I congratulate all our winners and ask those who are planning on participating in the 2015 BRCA LSOR race series to please book in online ahead of the meeting so event planning can be undertaken, if the attendance levels remain high then our racing will continue to commence at 9am to give you all the track time you want.

Booking in can be done at https://www.brca-lsor.org/booking-in/.

If you are reading this and not too far from any of our forthcoming venues then feel free to come along and see some of the largest radio car racing you will see in the UK. Likewise pop along to one of our venues and enquire about RC racing whether we are there or not.

Further details on the section and our hobby can be sourced via the BRCA website @ www.brca.org

I have been overrun with comments from fellow racers about “WHEN WILL I GET A MENTION” in the race report.

Well to be honest guys if you deserve a mention you will get one.


Paul Wood, you will get a mention when you learn the etiquette of how to approach a BRCA official with regards to having your name favourably mentioned!

Dean Mandeville you are too pretty to have your name mentioned more than once in any race report.

Mark Suggitt,,,,the beard thing is just so wrong !

I just want to take time now to thank Darren Worth and the Nene valley team for once again putting on a great show, and Darren’s car racing widow left all alone at home!

This meeting in a lot of people’s minds is the one that we all look forward to coming to.

Yes for some it is a long drive, but the way that the club is run and the standard of venue we get to race at makes it all worthwhile.

See you all in a few days at 5th round of our wonderful series Signing off now,

Steve Jones

aka "Fingers"

2015 BRCA LSOR Section Public Relations Officer