2016 1:6 European Championships - BRCA LSOR On Tour

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For 6 days in the French town of Neuville de Poitou a team of english drivers from across the UK participated in the 2016 1:6 LSOR European Championship.

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Last week 18 drivers represented the UK at the at the 2016 1:6 Euros at the ModelEspace facility in the town of Neuville de Poitou in France



For some the journey to the event via Dover was just as traumatic as entering and racing with the finest 1:6th drivers from across Europe, from some drivers there was time to play football on the M20, others time to get your bike out and do some BMX tricks. Those who selected to travel via Dover got caught in 12hour delays due to the enhanced customs checks in force. For others who travelled via Newhaven it was service as normal.

No matter which way you travelled all agreed that once you had arrived at Neuville de Poitou it was time to chill out, grab a cold drink in the 32deg heat and time to visit the track. Whilst the ModelEspace facility boasts a tarmac track and smooth 1/8th circuit the same could not be said for the 1:6 euros track, let’s just say it was bumpy and it appeared on first reflection that it was going to be survival of the fittest, or who had the most reliable car.


The 2016 UK team was the largest ever submitted from the 1:6 section for an overseas meeting and all classes were represented,  so how would we do.

Lets just say no matter the class the first two days of open practice were interesting to watch as car after car suffered either mechanical failure or tyre issues.

Unlike our regular tyre issues it was not the excessive wear that was the concern but the shredding of the tyre sidewalls, that’s right has our drivers pushed on some of the corners the rough stone surface was cutting in to the sidewalls. Initially as drivers struggled for grip they handed over Euros to the GRP tent and other sellers but it reached the point that alternative solutions were going to be developed.

First cardboard templates were made of the problem area and at one point the teams sweet containers were commandeered to make wall protectors out of the lids, others cut tyres up to make thicker sidewalls by sticking them over the outside.



The more experienced short course team of Ian, Mark, Adam, Steve and Andy found time to support Jez with advice and set up through the qualification heats despite having their own issues. This resulted in Jez and Andy making the 1/4 B final and the rest split between the Semi A and Semi B finals.


Our only entry into the 2 wheel drive class, Jack Keatley did a great job to finally place his car into the Semi Final A which was not bad considering he normally races 4 wheel drive. Jack finished a respectable 16th.


In terms of the 4 wheel drive contingent, Guy, Craig, Mike, Ayaz, Sid, Leon, Rik, Luke, Steve, Dave and Jack did the team proud coming home in mixed positions with Jack missing out on the semi/main final due to mechanical issues leaving Craig to be the highest 4WD brit, just missing out on the main final.


Craig was 12th, Semi B final

Jack was 30th, 1/4 final A

Mike was 33rd, 1/4 final B

Dave was 34th, 1/4 final A

Luke was 35th, 1/8 final B

Ayaz was 36th 1/8 final A

Guy was 37th, 1/8 final A

Rik was 43rd, 1/8 final A

Steve was 55th, 1/16 final B

Leon was 62nd, 1/16 final B

Sid was 63rd, 1/32 final A






So all in all we missed out on having a UK presence in the 2 and 4WD main finals but we did have 2 drivers in the Short Course challenge final which saw Steve Jones finish 8th after suffering a runaway when his throttle servo failed – see Jack you are not alone, and Andy Spence who started the day in 11th place in the opening final following an engine change came home 6th despite running out of fuel with 2 minutes to go but he still enjoyed the experiance.


Mark was 11th, Semi Final A

Ian was 12th. Semi Final A

Adam was 17th, Semi Final B

Jez was 25th, managed 2 laps in his 20 minute final after it took 16 minutes to replace his servo after suffering a run away on the warm up. 


Detailed results from the week are availble here


Well done to all who made the trip to France and the BRCA looks forward to welcoming our European racing friends in 2017 to another successful event at Nene Valley Raceway in Northamptonshire.  

If any BRCA member wishes to help out at the 2017 Euros then you will be most welcome and for further details contact our section chairman at lsorchair@brca.org


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman


Thanks to RC TV the finals and the last three days of racing from Neuville de Poitou are available via the following videos.



Thursdays Live Stream



Fridays Live Stream



Saturdays Live Stream



The finals

First up the short course challenge cup



Second up the 2 wheel drive final



The final final of the day is the 4 wheel drive final.