2016 EFRA LS AGM News

Large Scale Off Road

On Saturday the 5th November EFRA held their AGM with our LS EFRA rep in attendance.

Contained here is news from the large scale element of the AGM


Summarising the AGM :-

Each EFRA section many host up to 4 European Championship Events

Each driver at a European Event many only drive in one class.

Final position will only be awarded if a vehicle starts the final.

The salient points from the AGM can be found in the EFRA minutes available via this weblink.

I can confirm that the 2017 EFRA Large Scale Off Road European Championship will be held at the Nene Valley Raceway Off Road Club in Northamptonshire from the 24th to the 29th July, 2017


Currently there are 110 entries but all nations have until mid December to confirm their driver numbers, the current split is:-

Short Course - 16 pilots

2 Wheel Drive - 32 pilots

4 Wheel Drive - 62 pilots


The drivers making up the 2017 41 man UK team are:-

Short Course

Pete Barns, Adam Ellis, Jez Cauldwell, Rav Jansari, Matt Perry, Jim Whitehead, Ian Southey, Steve Jones, Arvinder Gai, Tommy Chung, Andy Spence, John Hall, Rob Harpham

2 Wheel Drive

Dave Ashton, Andy Knight, Mark Higgins, Mark Cove, Paul Gresty, Karl Norris, Oliver Whittleston, Terry Jackson

4 Wheel Drive

Jack Keatley, Craig Orman, Steve Price, Mark Suggitt, Guy Page, Stu Wood, Chris Sutcliffe, Mike Humphreys, Luke Gower, Rik Ashman, Ayaz Aslam, Andy Love, Leon Satchel, Martin Fitzpatrick, Les Darby, Dave Parish, Jim Davis, Roger Smith, Gary Barns, John Darby


Our section treasurer will be in contact with the above drivers via email with invoices and receipts accordingly to ensure all payments are made in accordance with these details. Don't forget if you are entered to make sure your vehicle complies with the EFRA class specification as payments are now non refundable.

Since each country has until mid December to “firm up” its entry, you have the option of entering the best outdoor large-scale off road meeting in Europe on home soil, or should I say astroturf if you have not entered already! If you wish to be added to the 2017 team then follow these details, our closing date is Friday 16th December if you wish to be added to the uk team.

Please remember before “signing up” to read the EFRA rule book to ensure your race vehicle conforms to the EFRA vehicle specification which may be different to the standard BRCA rules.

The section wishes to thank our EFRA rep, Mike Humphreys, for his support at the EFRA AGM.


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman