2019 Large Scale EFRA AGM update

Large Scale Off Road

Over the weekend of the 8-10th November I attended the 2019 EFRA AGM and am pleased to announce that the Uk has been allocated 5 large scale on road places for the 2020 Large Scale On Road Euros in Italy, and 25 places at the Large Scale Off Road Euros in Austria.


I can therefor confirm that all those who requested and submitted a confirmation form for the On-road Euros in Floran, Italy all have a place and your event takes place 13th to 18th July.

In 2020 the UK will be sending to Fehring its largest ever Large Scale Off Road team to an overseas Euros with the UK being allocated the largest block size possible of 25 places.

By the end of the weekend over 130 places had been allocated and we now have until 20th January to provide our final allocation\class mix. Unfortunately due to the anticipated popularity of this meeting I had 34 drivers show interest and have 31 drivers wanting to attend.  Over the next couple of days the section will issue the list of 25 drivers as currently some drivers are already aware they are on the reserve list.

The Large Scale Of Road  Euros take place at Fehring from the  20th to the 25th July

Also in 2020 there will be the following Large Scale GP’s (please check EFRA website for latest dates)

Onroad GP's

Croatia -  Zagreb old track
Netherlands - Groningen
Italy - Cremona
Switzerland - Lostallo

Off Road GP

Germany - Bochum


The venues for the 2021 Large Scale Euros are :-

Off Road - Czech Rep, Starec

TC/ F1 - Netherlands, Groningen

I need to remind all participants in the 2020 EFRA Euros to please check that there vehicles are compliant to the 2020 EFRA handbook which for 2 and 4 wheel drive off road racers sees a change in wheel base to a maxium of 599mm, if you get a place to either Euros please check your vehicle complies.


Finally I will be in contact with all the off road drivers over the next couple of days to confirm if they have or have not got a place and likewise if you are reading this and now no longer want your place then please contact me, currently 6 potential UK participants will be going on the reserve list to fill any uk allocated place which becomes available between between now and january – this is looking unlikely based on the popularity of the event and if any extra places become available from EFRA we will review the reserve list, again this is looking unlikely with the event currently only having 5 unallocated places.


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman & EFRA Rep