2019 Large Scale Off Road Driver Classification News

Large Scale Off Road

Since the end of the 2018 race season the BRCA LSOR section as been reviewing our 2018 and previous seasons entries and are now pleased to reveal the 2019 National drivers, if you don’t appear on the attached list then I’m afraid to say that you are now classified a clubman.


Whilst all drivers can participate in the national championship no matter the class raced a driver who is ranked as a national driver iis excluded from the clubman championship.

If you are interested in understanding how you’ve been classified then here are a few of our simple rules.

Rules - applied in order and a driver is only subject to the first rule they meet                   

  • Top 10 (8 in short course) drivers in each National Class to be National Drivers for following season
  • All clubman drivers who finish above any national drivers who both complete a minimum of 5 rounds to be promoted and relegated respectively
  • Currently a national driver and scored 90 points (85points for 4WD) or more for 75% the time in current season remain a national driver            
  • Currently a national driver and failed to score 90 points (85points for 4WD) for 75% the time in current season become a Clubman driver
  • Not competed in recent season - status remains unchanged.


Supporting Notes                           

  • Depending upon driver performance any driver can be promoted\demoted from the national group by the 2019 LSOR committee during the season.
  • A watch list of potential National Drivers is also managed by the committee and should these drivers score over 90 points in their first national of the following season, they will also be added to the National Drivers list for that season

It does not matter which class a national driver races in during 2019 they will still be declared a national driver and be excluded from the clubman class. 


2019 Driver Classifications


 Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman