BRCA LSOR Round 3 Nene Valley Raceway Race Report

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The BRCA LSOR Round 3 National Race Report for Nene Valley Raceway is here, and what a brilliant weekend it was...


Another fantastic weekend of racing at Nene Valley for the BRCA LSOR National round 3. We were once again blessed with the sunshine and a great turn out of drivers with 36 drivers in Short Course, 18 drivers in 4WD and 16 drivers in 2WD… making that a massive total of 70 drivers for the National weekend and they were all ready to battle it out to the finals. It was great to have Darren Smith back to (hope he gave that log a good talking to!)

The drivers, being lucky to have the same track back to back for two rounds, quickly got their cars set up for practice, making tweaks to them and getting ready for some action. With all the drivers attending drivers briefing, it was time to fully send it!

Practice time started and it was great to see everyone getting into race mode.

Onto the Qualifying! With the drivers into their groups and race numbers on the cars they were ready to race against the clock so each driver can push hard to get their lap times and consistency up. The qualifying across Saturday and Sunday was intense with all the drivers racing to get into the top finals. The 4wd setting the pace overall with Tommy Chung setting a best lap time of 40.007 in Q2 with his MCD buggy and Dave Parish in Q3 with a 40.712 racing Losi 5B. In short course, Ian Oddie and Taylor Letchford set the fastest lap times with not much in it with Ian’ s fastest qualifying lap a 40.624 in Q2 and Taylor’s was a 40.657 in Q3! This made some exciting racing. The 2wd also saw some close racing in their qualifying with Karl Norris setting a 41.917 in Q1.

Qualifying was not smooth for all drivers with some breakages and electrical issues/servo failures but was great to walk around and see drivers with their tools fixing their cars to continue their qualifying.

With the qualifying all wrapped up for all three classes it was straight into the 1/16th Short Couse final before lunch. The cars lined up, numbers on, ready to race, they slowly made their way to the start line, lined up with the nerves kicking in! This final had three of the juniors racing, James Middleton car 5, Harrison Holford car 6, Evan Sexton car 7 all Sussex RC Car Club juniors. It was a great race, unfortunately a few break downs but plenty of close racing and very courteous drivers. Kevin Sexton, Harrison Holford and Alan Ratcliffe top three to bump up. With the first final finished, it was time for a quick lunch break.

Lunch over, 1/8th Final Short Course took place. Another Sussex junior Kian Williams was starting in P1 for this race and kept his cool, even with nine other drivers right on his tail! He raced his heart out, finishing on the same lap as the top three that bumped up with only 28 seconds away from bumping up into the ¼ final. Nail biting to watch! Wayne Powell, Matt Buxton and Andy Spence top three to bump up.

The 4wd ¼ final next, with just five drivers in the final there was a great chance to be one of the top three to bump up! Kerry Thorpe, Andrew Gilbert and Darren Watson bumping up with only 14 seconds between them!

Back to the short course with the ¼ final under way and an unfortunate start for Del Long with a breakdown followed by another racer shortly after, this race had an epic finish! With one of our girl racers Heidi Shilcock standing strong the whole race and an awesome battle to the finish line with Wayne Powell. There was not even a second between them with Heidi finishing her 19 laps on 15:06.943 and Wayne on 15:07.042! This put the top three bumps ups through as Jack Keatley, Andy Spence and Heidi Shilcock.

The first 2wd saw the ½ final got underway. All lined up raring to go with the Whittleston brothers out together. Junior driver Zach starting in P4 only 3 cars behind his brother Oliver. Zach racing his heart out with an unfortunate battery connection problem with only 6 minutes left to go. Oliver smooth and consistent the whole race winning the ½ final with Darren Smith and Dean Coulson also in the top three bumping up to the main final.

Onto the main 30 minute finals and out first the 2wd. There was a close battle out front between Karl Norris and Mark Higgins. Mark took an early lead but Karl managed to claw back 1st place with only 10 seconds in it, Mark Higgins in 2nd and Neil Sivins came 3rd. Our only 2wd girl racer Kayleigh Knight had a great race, very smooth drive for the Elcon driver…girl power.

The 4wd main final which is also a 30 minute final was next in line. This was set to be a fast one with the buggies fully in race mode. The only junior in this race was Harry Middleton who is getting faster at every meeting and is one to definitely watch in the future. Harry managed to take 5th place over all with Dave Ashton only four seconds behind him. Dave Parish who started P3 and Matthew Perry who started P4 unfortunately did not manage to finish. Tommy Chung finished in 1st place followed by Craig Orman in 2nd and Paul Scrace in 3rd.

Last race of the day with the Short Course Main final. Once again a driver had come all the way from the 1/8th final. Andy Spence bumped his way up to the main final with racing a total of 85 minutes! Andy had an issue and had to pull off but came back on and drove his socks off trying to unlap himself, even though it was tough to do with the competition out there. Ian Oddie lead the entire race and Taylor Letchford and Jack Keatley were also out in front finishing Ian Oddie 1st, Taylor Letchford 2nd and Jack Keatley 3rd.


Overall another great weekend of fun, laughs and racing! we look forward to seeing you at Ebberston which should be a super weekend with a brand new track and layout! Get those dirt tyres out guys and girls… this one is going to be epic!


1st Karl Norris

2nd Mark Higgins

3rd Neil Sivins


1st Tommy Chung

2st Craig Orman

3rd Paul Scrace


1st Ian Oddie

2nd Taylor Letchford

3rd Jack Keatley


1st Kian Williams

2nd Harrison Holford

3rd James Middleton

4th Evan Sexton


1st Oliver Whittleston 

2nd Zach Whittleston


1st Harry Middelton