BRCA LSOR Round 6 Sussex RC Car Club Race Report

BRCA LSOR National Round 6 - 50th Anniversary at Sussex RC Car Club Race

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BRCA LSOR National Round 6 - 50th Anniversary at Sussex RC Car Club Race Report here


What a crazy weekend at Sussex RC Car club celebrating the BRCA 50th Anniversary and wow what a great turn out it was and all for a brilliant cause raising money for Unlimbited. We had some insane weather which spiced things up a lot with the huge amount of grip on track. Was nice to see so many people arriving early for a chilled out start to the weekend. The evening events kicked off with a movie evening on Gavin’s projector screen which was a big hit with the kids… and some of the larger kids…including our own Minion Dave! The film minions suited him let’s be honest. Was great to see people let their hair down also and have a few drinks to start their weekend.

Saturday quickly arrived and the pits filled up fast with the racers travelling up to 9 hours to come to Sussex RC Car club, but with everyone safely arrived and settled it was time to get to the practice.

Practice time:


Like most other tracks this year Sussex also has a few changes made to the layout. The cheeky chicane that was once there has now gone and replaced with a straight followed by a sharp corner and a small chicane with a tiny jump and a tyre wall on the corner which did catch a few racers out. A few other changes but majority was the same. Practice was very busy with a que of racers at the start eager to get on track. The heat was very intense all morning and with it only getting hotter as the day went on people were staying in the pits a little longer, but the day flew by and it was time to get qualifier one started.

Qualifying time and the 2WD out first followed by short course and then 4WD. The racers seemed to really enjoy the track and there was some really close racing across all classes. Marshalling was also a great place to top up those tans in the sun!

Once all wrapped up with the first qualifiers it was onto the main events! The 50th celebrations. Starting with the Hot dog eating competition and what an animal John Bell turned out to be! He has some epic hot dog eating skills for sure and picked up hot dog champion trophy… easy win for him! Well done John!


With Emma’s Kitchen also providing unreal food all weekend and the drivers meal, the free alcohol then came out and what a hit that was too! Followed by the amazing 50th anniversary cake with thanks to Martyn Williams’ mum Glenda was so good! So with the full tummy’s…especially John and the alcohol flowing it was Karaoke time. Few shy people to start with but soon it was in full swing with some pretty awesome voices coming out! Apologies now for anyone’s ear that heard myself and the kids singing “I’m a Barbie girl”… or my duet with Ian Norris!  I blame the beer! But we must take our hats off to Mr Shilcock himself and Martin Corbett for their simply brilliant singing! You guys smashed it. A mention also to our leading boy band the BRCA boy band… and the kids for being brave you all did us proud! Let’s just say it was a night to remember.

Sunday had arrived!! Race day!!! Maybe a few sore heads around but that soon passed and everyone got their racing heads on and prepared themselves for the hot day ahead with the battles commencing again with the 2WD. Qualifying was lead by Karl Norris with our Junior Oliver chasing and Craig Chilvers and Mark Higgins also up the top. With their battles this left the main final with Karl starting 1st, Craig 2nd and Oliver 3rd. 4WD was exciting also with our very own Harry Middleton junior flying all day with a top finish in all three of his qualifiers putting his straight into the main A final! The other 4WD group saw some very fast laps and qualifying and leading the qualifying Tommy Chung with his MCD in 1st , Dave Parish with his Losi 5B in 2nd and Leon Satchell in 3rd on the grid for the main Final. Tommy Chung has a 29.596 second lap which is pretty impressive in Q3.

Lastly the short course class. The juniors racing their hearts out as always with an extra junior joining them and absolutely smashing his first national experience! Well done Jake Faulkner great job! Kian Williams was the top qualifying junior on the Saturday and was 8th overall which was such a great result and unfortunately had to go home as was feeling unwell. So qualifying for the juniors was lead by Alfie Jack, followed by Evan Sexton, James Middleton, Harrison Holford and then Jake Faulkner.

TQ was taken by Ian Oddie followed by Wayne Powell qualifying 2nd who had epic qualifiers and Matt Stokes qualifying 3rd.

Finals were HOT! They were also super-fast with battles across all classes. The 2WD was super exciting with just one main final and an unreal finish for Oliver Whittleson finishing 1st overall. Brilliant drive from him, calm and collected and consistent to bring it home and even was a lap ahead finishing on 55 laps, Mark Higgins in 2nd finishing on 54 and Craig Chilvers in 3rd finishing on 53 laps.

4WD had two finals with a ½ final and the bump ups were John Darby and Stephen Hunt into the main final. We saw some very great racing and consistency in this race with Tommy Chung finishing a lap up, followed by Dave Parish in 2nd and Leon Satchell in 3rd. also huge shout out to Harry Middelton for finishing 4th overall. Great job again Harry!

Short course had 5 finals. 1/16th first with top bump ups being Ryan Cowley, Karl Ball and Craig McGinnis. 1/8th final bump ups were; Patrick Vice, Kevin Sexton and Kevin Hill. James Middelton our junior Sussex member only just missing out bumping up but well done James, you had a fantastic race. ¼ final time and Patrick Vice bumped up again followed by Josey Schifano and Kevin Sexton. ½ Final bump ups were Patrick Vice, followed by Martyn Williams and also Sophie Finch who did have a great little battle of the fiancé’s

The main 30 minute final and everyone got off to a good start although a few nudges putting people off pace slightly but soon finding their grooves. Ian Oddie led the entire race and there were some good battles throughout but Ian took 1st place, followed by Matt Stokes 2nd and Patrick Vice in 3rd after bumping up all the way from the 1/8th Final with an impressive total of over 80 minutes of finals racing!! Did an awesome job to finish 3rd over all well done  Patrick. Sophie Finch also had her top finish to date finishing 4th over all… doing it for the girl racers out there.

Your podium finishers are:


2WD National

1st Oliver Whittleston (Also 1st place Junior)

2nd Mark Higgins

3rd Craig Chilvers

2WD Clubman 

1st Ricky Bocking

2nd Paul Diver

3rd Zach Whittleston (Also 2nd place junior)



4WD national 

1st Tommy Chung

2nd Dave Parish 

3rd Leon Satchell

4WD Clubman 

1st Harry Middleton (Also 1st place National Junior)

2nd Stephen Hunt

3rd Jim Bell

SC National

1st Ian Oddie

2nd Matt Stokes

3rd Patrick Vice

SC Clubman

1st Patrick Vice

2nd Sophie Finch

3rd Ross Bruce

SC Junior

1st Alfie-Jack Shilcock 

2nd Evan Sexton

3rd James Middleton

All in all it was a brilliant race weekend! Thank you to all the BRCA committee for the party, food and all the fun and Kevin Sexton for his hard work. In total an outstanding amount of £1011.00 was raised for the raffle and an unbelievably generous bid for number 71 BRCA number for Dave Parish, super grateful for that, Team Unlimbited will be extremely pleased.

Thank you everyone for another great weekend and we look forward to seeing you for round 7 at North Ings soon.