2 Wheel Buggy

In practice, Oliver Whittleston with his Hormann HT4 and Karl Norris with his Elcon looked ready to battle to keep the championship alive. The first two rounds of qualifying were extremely close but a few driver mistakes from Oliver allowed Karl to take pole position with Oliver in P2 and Andy Blackburn in P3.

Karl and Oliver were off to a rapid start in the main final constantly switching back and forth with Andy not far behind. A few mistakes from Oliver allowed Karl to take a 6 second lead which forced Oliver to push hard and doing so set the fastest lap time of the final. Unfortunately, Oliver had a front brake calliper failure and retired. Karl put a great drive in to finish P1, Andy in P2 and a special mention to Dean Coulson in P3 who got his first podium position in his time racing. Well done Karl for winning the championship.

P1 – Karl Norris with his Elcon and Elcon Factory Engine

P2 – Andy Blackburn with his Elcon Traxx 2.0 and Factory Engine

P3 – Dean Coulson with his Elcon


P1 – Oliver Whittleston with his Hormann HT4

P2 – Ryan Griffin with his Elcon Traxx 2.0


4WD Buggy

4WD got off to a great start with Dave Ashton with his MCD on top form winning all 3 qualifying rounds. Elcon driver Tommy Chung was in P2 and Roger Smith in P3.

Due to a sudden thunderstorm, the final was called off until further notice and since they didn’t complete 1/3 of the race time, the final would be restarted. The rain made this final very interesting with drivers only able to have enough time to do minor setup changes. Dave got this right and had the whole race in control starting P1 and finishing P1. Tommy got his setup and tyre choice a little bit wrong and struggled until his front brake failed, and he retired. Craig Orman was able to climb from P7 to finish P2 and Andy Knight from P6 to finish P3, very impressive from both drivers and a MCD top three!

P1 – Dave Ashton with his MCD

P2 – Craig Orman with his MCD

P3 – Andy Knight with his MCD


Short Course Trucks

Short Course saw Ian Oddie with his Losi win all three qualification rounds and take pole position with Dave Parish and his Losi in P2 and Taylor Latchford with his Elcon Truxx in P3. Zach Whittleston, Matt Stokes and Matthew Buxton were able to bump up into the main final.

Again, the final was wet and setup changes were made from the racers according to the track condition. Ian was able to pull away from Dave and Tayler with Jack Keatley catching Tayler quickly. Alfie-Jack was flying in the final after starting last due to calling a 10-minute delay and made it up to 5th until he had fuel starvation problems causing him to lose 4 laps to the cars behind. Zach was able to drive a smooth clean race and take P5 in the end.

P1 – Ian Oddie with his Losi 5T

P2 – Dave Parish with his Losi 5T

P3 – Jack Keatley with his Elcon Truxx