Mini Touring Car (M-TC)

The M-TC Section are pleased to announce the 2022 BRCA Clubmans Series.



M-TC 4WD Foam Tyre

M-TC 4WD Rubber Tyre

M-TC FWD Rubber Tyre


Series Format

The Clubmans series will take place over 8 one day events.

Your best 5 scores will count towards your points total.


Meeting Format 

1 round of timed practice in heat order @ 5 minutes 

3 rounds of FTQ qualifying @ 5 minutes

3 final rounds @ 5 minutes 

The grid order for final round 1 will be as per the qualification results after the 3 qualifying rounds.

The grid order for final round 2 will be as per the results of the round 1 final.

The grid order for final round 3 will be as per the driver positions after the first 2 final rounds.




You will marshal the race immediately following your own. 

The race director will inform you during the drivers briefing where the appropriate marshalling points are.

Only drivers shall marshal, no substitute marshals unless agreed with the race director before the start of the event. 




During drivers briefing the race director shall appoint 1 driver from each race to fulfil the role of scrutineer.

The appointed scrutineer will be excused from marshalling duties.


As a minimum, each car will be checked for:

Ride Height


Battery Voltage

Tyre marking

The “Practice” round will not be scrutineered. 



For all classes 2 sets (8 wheels and tyres) shall be allowed for each competitor. 

Your chosen tyres will be marked at the start of the event.

You may use unmarked tyres for the “Practice” round only.

If a tyre becomes damaged to the point of being unusable then it can be substituted but its replacement must be approved and marked by the race director, who must also retain the original tyre until the end of the event.

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