AWS 2019 Round 3 Race Reports

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A very nice and chilled day at Nene Valley Raceway



2nd December 2018 was the day to hold the third round of the AWS 2019 at Nene Valley Raceway. Slightly lower numbers this weekend but had a nice steady day 


32 drivers made the trip to The Nene. We started the day with a round of timed practice. The drivers found the track tricky to start with the track being very moist to start with. 

IMG 6821

Two heats of Buggy and a single round of Truggy. After the round of practice we went into 3 rounds of qualifying with the best 2 to count. As qualifying progressed we saw the drivers getting used to the track and the lap times starting to come down. As I was running race control with Darrell Skinner my RDIT (Race Director In Training) lol. I found myself helping out another driver with pitting and such, I found today that the headsets were very useful i must say. 

IMG 6782

We had to pause party through the second round of qualifying because the clubs generator decided it didn't want to run anymore. After that pause how ever we carried on running the remaining heats. 

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After a 45 minutes break for lunch we went through the three 15 minute finals of the day. The first final that went out was the Buggy B Final. This final had 13 cars init and the top 4 bumped up into the A Final. These drivers were. William Day taking first. Ryan Lawrence taking second place, Warren Beasley took third and finially Steve Collison took forth. Like i said these drivers were promoted to the A Final. 

IMG 6796

The next final to start was the Truggy A Final. Same as the Buggy finals. This was also a 15 minute race. It was a good race to watch with plenty of action going on throughout the race. In the end we saw Carl O'Connor the usual suspect at the AWS Series taking the win. Tekno driver Wez Jolly took second place, Peter Jones took third and finially Mark Morris took forth place. 

Between the Truggy A Final and the Buggy A Final there were a short break because the drivers that bumped up into this race were just marshalling to we gave these drivers a few minutes to get themsevles sorted before we continued. 

IMG 6751

Just before 2:15 in the evening we started the last final of the day. The Buggy A Final. Jon Spencer took first place, Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took second place. The very lucky driver Chris Lovell managed to get back upto third after that unlucky crash at the start. Scott Follington took forth place after a good battle with Chris. 

IMG 6756

I would like to thank everyone who attended this weekend. Massive thanks to the two young lads who helped marshal the finals. Thank you to the team that did the catering for us today. Also huge thanks goes to Darren Smith. AKA Digger for all this help this weekend. Including being up and at it this morning with clearing the track after the shower we had during the night. 

I hope to see you next time at the forth round on the 6th January at my home turf, Deerdale Off Road. 

All the best and if i don't see you all before hand, Happy Christmas and have a funky New Year 


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