AWS 2019 Round 2 Held at North West Nitro Race Report

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Fastantic days racing at North West Nitro. With a driver testing a new driver aid. Very interesting stuff



Well what can i say about this second round of the AWS. It was simply amazing after the little bit of drama this morning when something went pop and the printer started to blow white smoke out of it. That was an interesting to say the least. 

But with the sun starting to come out drivers started to arrive at the track. 55 drivers in total. 

Some of which were a little late arriving (Jon Howells) Happy 46 birthday. Although you did look a little rough this morning. Some drivers arrived early and forgot to book in because they were too busy gassing. (Chris Stevens) 

The day started with a round of practice. 5 heats a round. 1 Truggy and 4 Buggy. Then three rounds of qualifying in the same order as the round of practice. 

Things were going well and there was a driver who does the series a lot testing some new interesting driver aids. Which made me laugh please see photo. Not sure what it would do the Aerodynamics of the car but it was worth a try. 

IMG 7671


Someone told me her name is Darcy. She did well. Clinging on to the car for around 2 rounds before her head came off. Very good Mr O'Connor lol! 

With the track starting to dry out and the lap time becoming shorter and more cosistant, the fight for the top spots in the meeting was really good. Some really fast times and some really good racing. 

After 3 rounds of qualifying completed just after 1pm we saw Jon Howells TQ with his truggy, Very well done even after the amount of drink you had last night. Second place Wez Jolly with his Tekno Truggy. Third place was taken by Peter Jones. 

IMG 7831

Buggy was different. After 3 rounds of qualifying we saw Lloyd Pitt take the TQ. Local driver Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took second overall. Finally John Isherwood qualified third overall

After a 15 minute break while finals was sorted. Just before 2pm we started the first final. Which was the Truggy A Final. This car had 7 cars which was also a good final.

Plenty of action and plenty of close racing. How ever after 15 minutes we saw Jon Howells take the win with this Associated. Wez Jolly took second place with the BLOK Powerd Tekno. Third place was taken by part of a furniture Carl O'Connor.

Second final on the line was the Buggy D Final. This was also a 15 minute race. After the battles for the top we eventually saw Electric Buggy driver Paul Fyfe take the win with his Tekno. Second place was taken by young driver from Brookthorpe Rowan Ainsbury, Chris Stevens, another driver from the Brookthorpe took third place. Finially another regular to the series Tim Lucas with his electric buggy took forth pace. These drivers were promoted to the next final which was the Buggy C Final. 

IMG 7793

The Buggy C Final was also the next final on the line. During this final the driving was good. However in the end we saw Ian Boushear the man behind IB Prostart take the win. Second place was Blackpool Legend Dan Eggy Evans. Third place was taken by Aaron Hold AKA Ronski. Finially Mark Millward took forth place. Same as the D Final these drivers were promoted to the B Final. 

What can i say about the B Final. Fast paced and exciting. At the end of the 15 minute race, Mark Isherwood took the win. Allan Ward took second place. Third place was taken by Vinceenzo Zuccarelli, Which he was over the moon by. Forth place was taken by another AWS Regular. Jamie Bowen. Again same as the previous finals the top 4 were promoted to the A Final which was the last race of the day. 

IMG 7797

After the drivers had done their two warm up laps a driver had a issue with his car which he couldn't fix quickly. So they asked if i could hold the start of the race by 5 minutes which wasn't a problem. So after the short pause we started the last race of the day. The A Final was a very good race and the standard of driving was fantastic. Some really good battles going on throughout the race. In the end we saw local driver John Isherwood took the win. Second place was another local boy Chris Sharp-Simkiss. Third place was taken by Colin Brennan. Finially the series Sponsor Matt Bridge took forth place with his Tekno. 

IMG 7838

IMG 7840

I would like to thank you to all drivers that attended the meeting over the weekend. Massive thanks to Andy Beaumont and team for working so hard in getting the track prepared for us arriving. Thanks goes to Andy's wife Liz for keeping us fed and watered for the day. I do not know you put up with him with all his racing stuff. The same could be said about my girlfriend lol. I hope you all enjoyed the racing today.  

All the photos that I took today are on the AWS Facebook page and all results from todays meeting, Round 1 and the upto date series results are on the BRCA website under the Truggy + E8 Buggy section results.


The next round of the series is on the 2nd December at Nene Valley Raceway. Booking in for this meeting is open on the BRCA website. 

See you all soon and all the best 

Chris Jeffery