AWS 2020 Round 5 Report and End Of Season Report

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What a year it has been! Ups, Downs, Weather not being on our side. But another successful series.


Round 5 Report


This meeting was a strange one to start with because there was a level of aprehention in the air because no one seemed to know what was going to happen with the weather. Some websites are saying its going to be alright. Some were saying its forecast a bit of rain. So no one knew what was going to happen. We also didn’t know how many people was going to actually turn up. 

However much to my surprise 55 drivers made the trip to Brookthorpe Model Car Club at the new date 1st which was 2 weeks later than planned due to the lovely weather. 

The day started off with the usual 1 round of timed practice in heat order. Followed by the 3 rounds of qualifying. In normal AWS fashion the computer ran in automatic mode with the scoreboard keeping everyone informed and up to date. The weather was sort of on our side. The rain stopped and quickly as is started. It blew in and blew out fairly quickly. We had to stop just the once due to one shower being slightly heavier. So we paused for the track to be cleared a little before continuing. There were some new faces to the meeting and to the track. Some of which finding the layout challenging but yer rewarding when they got it right. The feedback from the drivers was fantastic! After the qualifying had finished we had a bit of fun. We had a dash for cash. £140 prize money up for grabs. First place to win £90, Second to win £30 and third to win £20. 

Lee Martin won the top prize. Jon Howells took second place and finally Jon Hazelwood took third place. Well done to all a very good race and a bit of a giggle! 

After we finished the Dash For Cash. We started the first final of the day, This was the Buggy D Final. This race was a 15 minute race. This race contained 14 cars and top 4 will be bumping up to the C Final. After 15 minutes we saw Damian Tigwell, A new driver to the series take the win in this race. Young driver Maxim Cook took second place. Another young driver Zak Edwards took third place. and The Man, The Myth, The Legend! Lee Maggs took forth place. 

IMG 0193

The next race on the line was the Truggy A Final. This car also ran for 15 minutes. Jon Howells took the win in this race with his Associated Truggy. A new driver to Truggy and new driver to the AWS series. Ashley Patterson took second place. Well done Ashley, This was his first ever race with a Truggy! Third place was taken by Ian Slater, and finally Chris Carlisle took forth place with his electric Tekno! During this race we had some acrobatics from Kyle Ward-Taylor where he decided to do a dance in the mud and rain, It looked the curry he had the night before had caught up with him. After we had finished laughing at ripping into him we carried on to the next race. This race was the Buggy C Final. This race also ran for 15 minutes. Willem Steenkamp took the win in this race with Andy Lappin second place. Young driver for Agama Josh Graham took third place. Damian Tigwell took 4th place who we saw win the D Final. These top 4 drivers we promoted to the B Final which was the next race to run. Luck would have it. Half way through this race the heavens opened again. But we soldiered on! Local drive to Brookthorpe Dave Mayne took the win with Josh Graham in second place. Electric Buggy driver Arron Knight took third place with Tekno driver Liam Brocklehurst in 4th. Very well done to all drivers. After a short pause while the track was cleared we cracked on with the last race of the day. The 15 minutes Buggy A Final. This race was fast and all drivers drove really well. However Lee Martin who drivers for Agama stormed ahead to take the win with and impressive 23 laps. Mitch Booth came in second place with his Tekno. Jake Knight came in third place. Forth place was taken by another Agama driver Kevin Brunsden. 

Well done to all drivers and thank you so much to all drivers for making the trip out. 

Big thanks goes to the team at Brookthorpe! Another cracking events for us. We will be back for the Truggy Nationals in July! 

IMG 0343


End Of Season Report! 


What can I say about this years AWS series. Well the weather hasn’t been on our side this year all. 


Back in October we started the Series at Ledbury Model Car Club. This was a challenging layout for all the drivers that attended. Including myself. 65 drivers raced at this meeting. In the end we saw Iain Mellish take the win in the Buggy, With his fellow team mate Mitch Booth take second place. Another Tekno Driver Daniel Austin take third place over. Thats a 1,2,3 Tekno Lock out. Paul Abbott took the Win in the Truggy class. Carl O’Connor came in second place. Ian Slater came in third place. Well done to all drivers. Thank you to the team at Ledbury for providing us with a fantastic track as always


In November we travelled to the NDOR club which is located on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire boarder. This meeting was interesting to say the least. The weather gods were not on our side at all. It smashed it down throughout the day. However a few brave soles decided to race until the end. Jack Hirst took the win in the Buggy Class. Mitch Booth took second place. Kieran Cox took third place. In the Truggy Class Jon Howells took the win. Paul Abbott took second place. Carl O’Connor took third place. Well done to all the drivers who took part and supported the meeting to the end. Thank you to the team at NDOR for all of their hard work to get the track ready and to help us through the meeting. 


I December the series went to NWN (North West Nitro) which is based near Blackpool in Lancashire. This meeting sadly had lower numbers than in previous years but the track was in good shape and the weather gods let us race before it threw it down again. 

Mitch Booth took the win in the Buggy class. NWN chairman Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took second place. With a lot of help from his amazing pit crew. Iain Mellish took third place. Jon Howells took the win in the Truggy class, Paul abbott took second place. And Ian Slater took third place

Thank you to all driver who made the trip to the club and thank you to those drivers who have also helped with marshalling throughout the day! Big thanks goes to the NWN team for getting everything ready for us 

 IMG 0467

Happy New Year!! 


January 2020. Round 4, The series made it to my home club. Deerdale Off Road. This was a well attended meeting. The weather god were on our side for a change. The track was dry and grippy, and in great shape. Thanks to the team at Deerdale for all their hard work. A local to Deerdale, I say local he’s more like part of the furniture. Graham Alsop took the win in the buggy class, Mitch Booth took second place, Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took third place. Jon Howells took the win the Truggy class thus tying up the championship. Tekno driver Wez Jolly took second place. Ian slater came in third place. 


Finally. The last meeting of the series on its new rearranged date. 1st March 2020 at Brookthorpe Model Club, We saw sun, rain, hail, sleet more sun and name it. Thats the weather we had. 

Lee Martin took the overall win with his Agama Buggy, Mitch Booth second place and Jake Knight third. Jon Howells took the over win with his Associated Truggy, Ashley Patterson who had never ran a Truggy before came in second place. And Ian Slater came in third place


I would like to thank the team at the track for getting the track ready as usual. I wish you the best of luck in your up and coming year and congratulations in hosting the Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals and the RallyX Nationals 


The overall standing of those who won a trophy are below:


Buggy Top 10

1st Mitch Booth

2nd Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

3rd Daniel Austin 

4th Jake Knight

5th Liam Brocklehurst 

6th Chris Lovell 

7th Arron Knight 

8th Rowan Ainsbury

9th Wayne David 

10th Lee Maggs (The Man, The Myth, The Legend)


Truggy Top 5

1st Jon Howells 

2nd Paul Abbott

3rd Ian Slater

4th Chris Carlisle 

5th Mick Fallows

IMG 0844 


I would to thank everyone again to supporting the series in its 5th year. Its you the drivers and the hosting clubs that make the series what it is. I’m looking forward to the AWS 2021 series starting in October 2020. The dates are below 


Big shout out to the all the trophy winners. Special shout out to our Special trophy winners. Race Directors Award, Richard Smith and The Awesome Dude Of The Year. Zak Edwards.

IMG 0837 

IMG 0836


AWS 2021


Round 1 - 18th October 2020 @ NDOR


Round 2 - 15th November 2020 @ Deerdale Off Road 


Round 3 - 13th December 2020 @ Ledbury 

Round 4 - 14th January 2021 @ New venue Pendle 


Round 5 - 21st February 2021 @ NWN