Club Visit at Race at A1 Racing

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The BRCA Secretary did a Club Visit to A1 Racing club just outside of Gratham. Went down to race at a fun meeting called Super Saturday



I made the trip down to the A1 Racing club which for me is fairly local at around 30 mile each way so it wasn't to far. This was only the second time that I have been to this club so luckily i knew where it was. The track is mainly for 10th off road cars so it was on the smaller side from the 8th off road tracks that I normally race on but it did make it interesting and fun to race on with my 8th Electric off road buggy. The man behind PBM Racing model shop in the east midlands Shaun Thompson orgasnised this meeting. 

IMG 2599

The day consisited of 1 round of timed practice followed by 3 rounds of qualifying. And there were 11 heats a round with no more than 6 drivers per race which did make the space on the track really nice and more importantly plenty of space on the rostrum. Well done to the guys at A1 for getting it right. 

Finals consited of 2 legs at 5 minutes each for all classes 

For myself practice was really good with a dry track. Round 1 of qualifying was interesting because it started to rain but I had my wet tyres on. Then round 2 was dreadful. On the track with the dry tyres on and the skys opened and the grip went completely out the window. Round 3 was fantastic with a dry track again and lots of grip and very challenging with tight track layout. 

Before finals started I caught up with Shaun and asked some annyoing questions. 

I asked him what made him set up this race meeting to start with. He answered with "We always wanted to have a Saturday race meeting as most run on Sundays" 

The meeting seemed like it was full so i asked how many drivers we had and the number was really good he said there were 61 which was really good! There were also many classes there as well. When asked he replied with a huge list. That list being. 2WD Buggy. 4WD Buggy, Stadium Truck. 2WD short Course Truck and 8th Electric Buggy. So plenty of classes and plenty of options to race. 

Finially. With Shaun being the main man behind PBM Racing i had to ask if he was sponsoring the meeting. Which of course he was. He even brought a small amount of shop stock to sell track side as well. 

IMG 2598


Some nice stuff there just to help the drivers with what ever they may need!  


Now on to the finals. As I said earlier there were 2 leg finals. I was in the B Final for the 8th E-Buggy. Which was fine I wasn't expecting to be in the top one. The first time out I had some issues with the car. Well lets say it was the car by it more like my shocking driving. I managed to finish 3rd in that one. I have no idea how. I would like to say well done to the young but not so small anymore Ben Smith for doing so well in the 2WD Buggy class. Very good driving. Well done to Shaun for organising this meeting and letting me book in with so late notice. Last minute plans and all that. It was nice to be on the racing side of a race meeting rather than the organising side and being able to chat with other drivers that I had not met before and gettting to know what cars they were racing and what they enjoy about the sport that we do!

Well done to the team at the club as well. Nice venue you have there, Keep up the good work.


See you all soon - Heres a handful of photos I took while I was there too. 

IMG 2585


IMG 2600

IMG 2586


IMG 2596