Masters Of Foam - International 1/12 Pan Car race

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The Masters of Foam event will be returning to Racing Arena Limburg in Netherlands 5/6 November 2016, this event has a strong english following and it was our very own Tim Wood who won the 10.5 Stock Class last year

Marcus Mobers one of the Organsiers sent us this note:

"Hey guys! The date for the next Masters of Foam is fix. It will be 5 and 6 november at Racing Arena Limburg, Netherlands, again. The track will be extended as well and new carpet will be installed soon around end of august. Stay tuned for the invitation, that will be ready in around 4 weeks as well. Entree will be open begin september!"

You can find out more information here on the Masters of Foam Facebook Group:

Booking in can be found here: