Mick Hill – A BRCA Stalwart - has passed away on 19th July 2020. 1946 - 2020

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Mick served many roles within the RC community and held the position of BRCA Secretary from the mid. 1980’s until he retired at the end of the 2014 season.  Mick also ‘Chaired’ the BRCA 1/8th. Rally X Section for about six years in the late 80’s up to 1994.  Notwithstanding his continuous work within the BRCA, Mick was also EFRA 1/8th. Rally X Section Chairman for many years, retiring from the position in 2005 and became a Life Vice President of EFRA.  A large amount of commitment that will be sadly missed.


Mick was a big man not only in stature but in his passion for the BRCA and then later EFRA.  Mick was a ‘no nonsense’ force within the RC community and was known throughout the International scene as a person that would ‘step-up’ to help or advise at any event when any problems arose.
Whilst the main interest for Mick was within the 1/8th. Rally X Sections, as Secretary of the BRCA, he dealt with all Sections of our sport and his knowledge of how all the Sections operated was immense together with his knowledge of the persons and officials throughout the BRCA Sections.  Mick always put the well-being of the BRCA as his top priority and was never afraid to ‘read the riot-act’ if any area within the sport was stepping out of line.  Given his drive and passion for the RC sport, his endeavours in the early years resulted in the standards of all Classes improving.  His advice in all areas of the sport was and always will be appreciated.

Mick’s interest in the sport started when his two sons Paul and David, started racing in 1/8th. Rally X events.  His younger son rose through the ranks to finish second in the 1989 National Championship.  By this time, Mick had become Chairman of the BRCA 1/8th. Rally X Section and was Secretary for the BRCA.

In the late 80’s the National Championship consisted of 12 events usually conducted on a single day.  All the equipment for the events, including the kitchen sink, would arrive in a ‘BRCA’ trailer towed behind Mick’s heavily laden Vauxhall Cavalier.
At one two day event, Mick organised a Chinese meal for all competitors and their families.  He took all the orders and left the Chinese take-away with a boot full of meals, leaving all other customers still queuing down the street.

As is often the case, when the sons move to other interests ‘dad’ retains the interest and remains in the sport with the goal of pushing the sport to higher levels.  This is exactly what Mick did and he was instrumental in organising Rally X events at National, European Championship and World Championship levels.  The main goal always being to make them better than previous events.

In 1994, Mick organised the EFRA European Championship at the Pendle Club in UK.  Typically, Mick organised a meal and dance at the local town hall.  Mick was a fan of music by Queen, so the tribute band ‘Magic’ were performing to play some of his favourites, with visitors from all of Europe ‘rocking’ to his favourite music.
Two years later, Mick was the ‘king-pin’ for the IFMAR 1/8th. Rally X World Championship at Beaulieu in UK.  He organised all the equipment needed to stage this major event, with lorries arriving through the previous week with all the fencing, containers, scaffolding needed to stage this class of event at a stately home.  He organised a full sit-down silver service meal for all competitors and staff with again his favourite tribute band resulting in persons from the entire World enjoying the music.

In 2000 as EFRA 1/8th. Section Chairman, Mick went to Las Vegas for the World Championship ‘Warm-Up event.  It resulted in him running the event for the organisers with his typical enthusiasm and passion.  Returning again in the October for the ‘main’ event with six further British helpers to run the week long event.  He even found time to attend two weddings whist at the WC event, which included a British couple with Mick ‘giving away’ the bride.

Mick was born 19th. February 1946 in Bromley, Kent.  He spent most of his life working with agricultural machinery and he always retained his interest in Tractors.  He knew all the different tractors and there systems from the 1960’s and had a collection of many old tractors which he owned and transported to shows around UK.  Effectively - his own museum.

His wife Janet helped Mick in all his interests and supported him 100% especially from when he was no longer able to drive himself.  They were a ‘team’.

Micks Family have set up a tribute page where people can make donations to RNIB and Diabetes UK

The link is as follows.https://michaelhill.muchloved.com/

A big man with a big passion.  He will be missed.  Condolences to the family, especially Janet, Paul and David.