Schumacher GP Report 2016

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Tamworth once again hosted the Schumacher GP in January 2016. This event is one which is always highly attended and is loved by the racers. The track layout was the same, proven design from the 1/12th Section meeting a few weeks earlier.

This event runs a different format from the usual for some drivers. 1 practice round followed by 4 qualifying round and 3 leg finals. Rather than FTQ, qualifying is done round by round with 5 minute heats. This is a similar format to some other classes. After each qualifying round, all drivers are put into the points table overall and points are allocated for all drivers. The best 2 scores count towards each drivers qualifying position. For the finals the best 2 scores count in 6 minute runs. Some drivers had never run this format before. After a bit of head scratching, format is easily followed.

After the 4 rounds of qualifying, Adam Catchpole takes the top honors with two points. Also with two points was Andy Murray also with two points causing a tie which means that each drivers best run time is used. Catchpole wins the tie break thanks to a fastest run 4.8 seconds faster than Murray. David Gale takes 3rd. Kieran Manders takes 4th with a very good qualifying. Tom Hampson rounds out the top 5.

A 3 leg final format meant that each driver had to get two good races in to get to the top of the tables. 3rd overall was Manders with a 3rd and a 2nd place finish giving him 5 points. Andy Murray takes 3 points with a win and a second. However, with two wins, Adam Catchpole takes the overall win and the Schumacher GP titles.

We have to say a very big thank you to the Tamworth team for putting on yet another extremely well run event. Getting to run 8 races in one day is something which you do not usually see in GT12. A thank you is also due to Schumacher for sponsoring the event, allowing it be one of the must race meetings for drivers. Starting off the 2016 year off in style.

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Photos: Peter Lax