Scottish 10th Off Road Regionals RD3 Race Report

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Wins for O'Brien and Pole at Stonehaven. 

Sunday 21st August saw those competing in the BRCA Scottish Off Road Series travel to the North East to race at Stonehaven & District Radio Car Club’s newly completed astroturf track. Having previously experienced a big, rough, grass track at this venue in previous years the racers were met with a tight, technical layout that would challenge the very best in the region.

Round 1 of qualifying would see reigning Scottish Champion Allan O’Brien mark his return to racing after a 3 month hiatus with a TQ run followed closely by David McLean and David Scott in both classes.


The second round of 2WD qualifying would see Daniel Pole get in on the action with a run good enough to land him 2nd, demoting David McLean to 3rd, however it was once again Allan O’Brien who would take TQ. The second round of 4WD qualifying would see a good run from Nicky Lax in the top heat - keeping it clean and the right side up for 5 minutes and earning a 4th overall with the fastest 14 lap run of the round. Euan McLeod would take 3rd on 15 laps and once more David McLean would find himself in 2nd, again on 15 lap pace whilst top spot after 5 minutes would go to Allan O’Brien with the only 16 lap run of the round.


2WD round 3 would see the top 5 drivers all set 15 lap pace and be separated by less than 12 seconds after 5 minutes. Euan McLeod and Martin Inglis took 5th and 4th with David McLean once again at the sharp end in 3rd and for the first time that day Allan would find himself off top spot as this would go to Daniel Pole. Daniel would go on to set TQ pace in 4WD Round 3 also, followed home once again by Allan and David Scott. 

Going into the 4th and final round of qualifying it was all to play for in the fight for overall TQ in both classes between Allan O’Brien and Daniel Pole. In 2WD Daniel had a DNF whilst out front Allan set the fastest and only 16 lap run in 2WD of the day. In 4WD it was extremely close between Daniel Pole, David Scott and Allan O’Brien who all clocked off 16 lap runs however Daniel’s time wasn’t quite quick enough to beat that set by Allan earlier in the day and therefore it would be Allan who would take overall TQ in both classes. 

With qualifying over the grids for the finals were set. The 2WD A Final would line up:

  1. Allan O’Brien    -      Schumacher
  2. Daniel Pole       -      Associated 
  3. David Scott      -      Schumacher 
  4. David McLean  -      Kyosho
  5. Martin Inglis      -      Kyosho 
  6. Euan Mcleod     -      Schumacher 
  7. Martin Wallace -      Associated
  8. Steve Harley     -      Schumacher 
  9. Mark Gillies       -      Associated 
  10. Gary Dunn         -      TLR

The 2WD A final got off to a fast start with the front 3 breaking away. Further down the field 5th, 6th and 7th on the grid would tangle at turn 1 and open the door for those behind. Unfortunately for him Daniel Pole would suffer a mechanical issue causing him to DNF whilst David Scott would make a mistake whilst pushing hard coming onto the short back straight costing him dearly. All this meant Allan O’Brien and David McLean had little pressure from behind and would ultimately take 1st and 2nd respectively with Euan McLeod producing a good drive to come back from the turn 1 tangle to round out the top 3. 

2WD A Final Result. 

  1. Allan O’Brien    -      Schumacher
  2. David McLean  -      Kyosho
  3. Euan Mcleod     -      Schumacher 
  4. Martin Wallace -      Associated
  5. Steve Harley     -      Schumacher 
  6. Gary Dunn         -      TLR
  7. David Scott      -      Schumacher 
  8. Mark Gillies       -      Associated 
  9. Martin Inglis      -      Kyosho 
  10. Daniel Pole       -      Associated 

The 4WD A Final grid:

  1. Allan O’Brien     -     Schumacher
  2. Daniel Pole        -     Associated 
  3. David McLean   -     Kyosho 
  4. David Scott        -     Schumacher 
  5. Euan Mcleod      -     Schumacher 
  6. Gary Dunn          -     TLR
  7. Steve Harley       -     Schumacher 
  8. Nicky Lax            -     Associated 
  9. Kevin Mcdowall  -     Xray 
  10. Paul Kerr             -     Xray 


After a disappointing 2WD final it was Daniel Pole who took an early lead from Allan O’Brien and David Scott. The pace set by these 3 was something the rest of the grid couldn’t live with - even David McLean and Euan McLeod couldn’t stay in contention for long. As the race went on they raced extremely closely with the pair of senior Schumacher drivers chasing down the young CML supported Associated racer. On lap 11 David Scott would be unfortunate to get caught by a piece of astroturf lifting on the main straight, catapulting his car off the track and causing a DNF. This promoted David McLean up into 3rd and left Daniel and Allan at the front and this time Daniel was just too fast and managed to take the win with a 16 lap run. Allan and David finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with 15 laps. 

4wd A Final Result 

  1. Daniel Pole        -     Associated 
  2. Allan O’Brien     -     Schumacher
  3. David McLean   -     Kyosho 
  4. Euan Mcleod      -     Schumacher 
  5. Steve Harley       -     Schumacher 
  6. Gary Dunn          -     TLR
  7. Nicky Lax            -     Associated 
  8. Paul Kerr             -     Xray 
  9. Kevin Mcdowall  -     Xray 
  10. David Scott        -     Schumacher 

On behalf of everyone at SDRCC and the SORS series thank you to everyone who attended Round 2 and for all the results and standings from the series please refer to the Facebook page. 


We are now halfway through the regional series and the next round is at Glasgow on the 11th of September. 


Report courtesy of Martin Inglis.