Scottish Inter-Club Championship 2021 Round 4

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Stonehaven Club secures inter club overall win at Championship conclusion. 


Sunday 10th October saw Ayrshire Radio Control Car Club host the fourth and final round of the Scottish Inter Club Championship (SICC) at the Glasgow clubs fantastic new astroturf venue at East Kilbride Sports Club. 


The first three rounds of the series had seen Allan O’Brien continue his dominance within the Scottish RC Racing scene with only his now ex Schumacher teammate David Scott and young Daniel Pole posing much of a threat. The SICC also took scores from each competing clubs top 3 racers on the day in each class and compiled a Club Championship which ran alongside the individual 2WD and 4WD series. Going into Round 4 the Stonehaven Club led Glasgow by 20 points so it was still all to play for ahead of the scheduled 3 rounds of qualifying and 2 leg, 8 car finals - the second of which the grids would be reversed in accordance with the SICC rules. 


The day began damp on a drying track where some opted for Silver Mezzos but the tyre of choice seemed to be Ballistic Greens which offered more overall grip on the slick, greasy surface. Allan O’Brien put his borrowed 2021 spec Xray's  at the top of the pile after round 1 which is where he would stay throughout qualifying. Mid-day just as the track looked like it might be dry enough to make the switch to Yellow Mezzo's a short shower made sure that those who hadn't already made their way over to GlasgowRC's well stocked track side shop and purchased some Green Ballistics! With the track well-watered and now properly wet it seemed to offer a bit more grip and was easier to drive on now that it was full wet conditions. After Allan there were a number of good runs from the likes of Dan Pole, David Scott, Martin Inglis and Euan Mcleod who all made it double A Finals. 6K Racing's Jimmy Hamilton had a strong 4WD qualifying with his PR ride which would put him A6 however some mysterious wheel removal antics during 2WD qualifying would leave him in B3. Duncan Pole also put in a strong 2WD qualifying performance to line up A8 and it was the rumour in the pit lane that this was a tactical move from the speedy veteran to secure him the leg 2 TQ spot...!

The 2WD A Final saw 5 different manufacturers and 3 different clubs represented. 
In Leg 1 Allan led into turn 1 and never looked back. Daniel Pole put in a stellar drive with his Team Associated B6.3D and maintained 2nd place in what was a lonely race for him. The race for 3rd went down to the final lap with Martin Inglis, David Scott and Euan Mcleod battling back and fourth for the whole 5 minutes. It was Euan who held P3 for the vast majority of the race and Martin followed him closely before sneaking past. David Scott was right behind Martin and followed the Kyosho driver past his Schumacher teammate, demoting Euan from 3rd to 5th on the final lap.Leg 2, and with the reverse grid the start was a bit more chaotic! Martin and Daniel crashed out at turn 1 and lost crucial time. Up front Duncan set about putting a few car lengths between himself and the rest of the pack from his P1 starting slot, however it was all eyes on David Scott and Allan O’Brien. From 6th and 8th on the grid the pair carved through the pack in no time. They displayed a masterclass in overtaking and finished up 1st and 2nd and it was David who took the win this time holding off Allan. 

2WD A Final Overall Podium

Inter ClubPodiums2WDA

Rd4 2wdAfinal

In 4WD there were once again 5 manufacturers represented from 4 different clubs. 

In Leg 1 it was as you were with the only movers Euan Mcleod, Martin Inglis and Daniel Pole. Daniel had a couple of mistakes which allowed Euan and Martin to move up into 3rd and 4th respectively. 
In Leg 2 Allan O’Brien and David Scott once again made their way through the pack very quickly. The race on track was for 3rd place with Jimmy Hamilton acting as the cork in the bottle with his seemingly extra wide PR 4WD. 3rd to 6th were covered by less than a second at one point early on as no one could get past Jimmy. Eventually Martin Inglis snuck past on the exit of the chicane going up the hill past the drivers stand and he was quickly followed by Daniel Pole. Martin and Daniel once again found themselves battling closely on track and pulled a gap. They battled for nearly the entirety of the race for 3rd place but with less than 40 seconds to go Martin's car appeared to dump and he was out. Allan took a dominant victory from David Scott. 

4WD A Final Overall Podium 

Inter ClubPodiums4WDA

Rd4 4wdAfinal

Once the finals were done and the pits were tidied away the drivers made their way to the club house where Race Control worked frantically to work out the Club Series scoring. Although Glasgow had closed the gap - out scoring Stonehaven on the day by 16 points - it was still Stonehaven who took the victory by 4 points. 

Individual Series Overall Podiums

Inter ClubPodiumsOAWinners

Inter ClubPodiumsOA2WD

Inter ClubPodiumsOA4WD
Series results available here : 

Thank You to everyone who bought tickets for the end of season raffle – £400 was raised on the day, and like the race entry fees, has been split equally between the host clubs.  A huge thank you to the series supporters that donated all the awesome trophies and raffle prizes and well done to the lucky winners!

Thanks to Ballistic Buggy, CML Distribution, RudeBits - RC Winning Products, Schumacher R/C Racing, The Soap Hut, Koster Aquatecnic, Neosigns Scotland Creative Print, DMC Service Centre Westmoor & to the BRCA.