Stephen Brunsden and Bernard Wija - The Memorial RC Race July 2018

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Write up from the Bernie and Steve's Memorial Race: The Race Against Cancer



The Two-Day Memorial Race in Memory of Stephen Brunsden and Bernard Wija written by Stumpy Taylor 16th July 2018

Last year our RC community suffered two losses, Steve Brunsden and Bernie Wija, both of them losing their battle with cancer. Both Steve and Bernie loved RC racing, they showed what our hobby is meant to be, no matter what sort of day they had, both left the track with a smile, showing us all what RC racing is about, having fun!


Tony Scott and Chris Jeffery and many others  did a huge amount to get this event on, it was to be run over two days on two tracks, first day at South Coast RC on the green fuzzy fluff that is astro and the second day at Clanfield RC  on the king of racing surface’s Dirt.


The weather gods were with us this time round with brilliant sunshine all weekend.  Tony would be running Bernie’s buggy and truggy on both days, a very touching moment when he first hit the track with them.

Bernie's Buggy


South Coast round:


Everyone all set up and the pits buzzing, mainly to the sound of Dremels shaving pins off tyres. Format was to be a round of practice, quick re-cede, then three rounds and finals, spaz buggies having two leg 10 minute finals due to the heat and the rest of the finals being 20 minutes, apart from the main which would be 30 minutes.

Some great close fun racing the top three were:



  1. Robert Woodrow
  2. Kevin Martindale
  3. Glyn Peart



  1. Allan Bridgeman
  2. Adam Le Cheminant
  3. Lionel Croucher


Nitro buggy B final 

  1. Tony Scott
  2. Glen McClure
  3. Maxim Cook


Nitro A final 

  1. Dave Shedd
  2. Lewis Jones
  3. Stumpy



Day two at Clanfield


Another hot one with temperatures well in the 30’s we had gone from smooth fast astro to a track designed to be bumpy, this isn’t no snoring car track with jumps, no pin it to win it here.


For me, one of the highlights was Kevin taking to the track with his Dad's buggy with his Mum watching, Steve had managed to build and race one more time before he sadly lost his battle with cancer, also Tony would being racing Bernie’s buggy and truggy again.


Some top fun had racing, sharing stories and possibly the most relaxed atmospheres at a race meeting ever.


Steve Brunsden's Agama


Check those numbers, time for the raffle 

Top three from each class




  1. Kevin Martindale
  2. Andrius Zilevcius
  3. Stephen Blake



1. James Tatlow
2. Allan Bridgeman
3. Tony Bolwell


Nitro buggy C final

  1. John Sundy
  2. Danny Lewington
  3. Maxim Cook 


Nitro buggy B final

  1. Matthew Read
  2. Stephen Spencer
  3. Matthew Roberts


Nitro buggy A final

  1. Jack Embling
  2. Jon Hazlewood
  3. Graham Alsop


Nitro Buggy overall  for the two days

  1. Stumpy
  2. Kevin Brunsden
  3. Jack Embling



            E-buggy overall


  1. Kevin martindale
  2. Glyn Peart
  3. Robert Woodrow 



        Truggy overall

  1. Allan Bridgeman
  2. Steve “Hammy” Hamilton
  3. Adam le Cheminant


Raffle tickets were being sold for the prize raffle on both days and they were selling faster than free sweets in a playground.


I am truly staggered by the sheer generosity of everyone, those donating the prizes and those that bought the tickets; I guess it showed a true reflection of what people felt for both Steve and Bernie.

We managed to make for Macmillan £2557.02 which is a fantastic amount.


Thank you to everyone involved in making this event so very special for not only myself but for Sharon, Michelle and Kev.