Following on from our vice chairs trip down south he thought he would drop in to a local event last weekend, 28th May. Our vice chairman took the opportunity to travel to Buckinghamshire and visited the 3rd round of the m-tc 2023 national championship which was taking place just outside of Milton Keynes.

Living just up the road in Northamptonshire I set off just before 10, and 15 minutes later via a series of back lanes I turned up at  Millmead Hall, the home of Milton Keynes Radio Control Car Club. Once the car was parked I entered the hall to be greeted with racers pitting in every nook and cranney of the venue, and in the main hall was the sound of the lap timing system counting down the release order of the heat that was underway.

Miniature touring car (or m-tc) is one of the association’s newest classes of racing and is in it’s early years of holding nationals so it was nice to hear from the committee members that they had a full house of over 50 drivers participating with drivers of all abilities, sexes, and disabilities all taking part. The committee confirmed that the series has already picked up a following with drivers travelling the country and likewise speaking with some of the Milton Keynes and Kettering Club racers the m-tc series is also a winner on club nights too.


As the Sunday went on, the qualifying rounds counted down and a whiff of pizzas and McDonalds started to fill the hall has we approached the change over from FTQ qualifying to 3 rounds of points scoring finals with all three to count and the final positions for rounds 2 and 3 dependent upon the finishing order of the preceding round. So no guarantee you will be in the a final for all three rounds if you suffer an issue.

If you are interested in this new class of racing then speak with your local club or raise a ticket asking for more information and I’m sure the m-tc committee will reply.

Every racer I spoke to was having a great meeting, so to the Milton Keynes Club keep up your great work in running popular classes of racing and to the M-TC section for the concept, and effort to make it all happen.

 Watch out for my next visit it could be on your door step rather than mine!!