For the fourth round of this year's BRCA 4wd On-road Championship, it was down to the Cotswold track at Kemble Airfield. Weather forecast was looking okay for the weekend, however practice on Saturday was hit by some unexpected rain and the same happened again on Sunday.


In the first round of qualifying, it was Tony Broad with his X-Ray X-4 who set the pace from Jack Collins and his Schumacher Mi8. Alex Brocklebank was third with another Schumacher, and Sid Lawrence was fourth with his X-Ray, all on 17 laps. Round two saw a win for Alex from Tony and Sid in third. Round three saw the win go to Tony from Sid, Mason Weston's Schumacher and Dan Moorey's Yokomo. All of which saw Tony on pole from Alex with Sid in third and Jack rounding out the second row.

The first final saw a bit of light rain towards the end of the race that saw Alex take the advantage and the win from Tony with Jack in third. The second leg had Tony take the win from Sid with Mark Trinder edging out Jack for fourth. The third leg saw Tony hold off Alex for the win, with Sid in third and Jack in fourth.

So the overall win went to Tony with Alex taking second, Sid third and Jack was fourth.


With three wins out of the four rounds so far this year, it was mean that Tony Broad is the 2023 17.5   Champion


D Final – 1. Mark Burrell, 2. Emily Robins, 3. Samuel Fletcher

C Final – 1. Tom Foreman, 2. Andrew Cooper, 3. David Carr

B Final – 1.Andrew Twigger, 2. Liam Tyrrell, 3. Chris Parrot

Junior U13 – 1. Archie Matthews, 2. Frankie Fletcher

Junior U17 – 1. Jack Collins, 2. Jamie Hall, James Snashall



It was defending 13.5 champion, Zak Findlay and his X-Ray X-4 that set the pace in round one from Schumacher's James Hart, Chris Gunter with his X-Ray and Ben Moorey's Awesomatix, with 18 laps proving to be the bench mark. Round two and it was Zak from James again with Sam Nicholls in third and Chris in fourth. Round three saw Chris go fastest from Sam with Schumacher's Billy Fletcher in third. This saw Zak on pole from Chris, James and Sam.

All three legs went the same way with Zak winning from James and Sam - to give that as the overall result.


D Final – 1. Jake Humphreys, 2. Amando Ludena
C Final – 1. Jack Brann, 2. Gregor Gauld, 3. James Robinson

  1. Final – 1. Rickey Copsey, 2. Alex Bold, 3. Ethan Southall

Junior U13 – 1. Jake Humphreys

Junior U17 – 1. Ethan Southall, Finley Whitelock, 3. Charlie Colby


The first round saw the defending and current champion, Kyle Branson with his X-Ray X-4 set the pace with a quick 19-lapper, from team-mate, Harley Eldridge, with Andy Murray's Schumacher Mi8 in third. Round two saw Kyle again fastest from Chris Grainger's Schumacher Mi8 and Alex Thurston's Yokomo BD-12 was third. Round three saw Alex take the fastest time with a 20 lapper from Kyle, with X-Ray's Peter Eagles in third and Chris Grainger in fourth. This saw Kyle on pole position and lining up behind him, was Alex from Chris and Harley.

In the finals, the first leg was a bit wet but that didn't stop Kyle taking the win with 15 laps from Chris and Andy. The second leg was nice and dry and it was again Kyle taking the win this time with 20 laps from Peter, Alex and Chris. For the third leg, the rain had properly come down and continued through the final with the cars throwing up plumes of spray. But this wasn't going to deter Kyle, who made in a hat-trick of wins from Chris in second and young Daniel Robins in third. So it was Kyle who took the overall win, making it four out of four, with Chris in the runner-up spot with Peter taking with the final podium spot.


C Final – 1. Ashleu Sully-Hicks, 2. Darren Lee, 3. Scott Scholey

B Final – 1. Nathaneal Goodban, 2. Damian Giddins, 3. Bradley Coaker

Junior U17 – 1. Daniel Robins, 2. Ollie King


[Article by Mike Haswell] 

[Published by Nikita Finnigan]