For the sixth and final round of this years BRCA 2wd On-road Championship, we headed off to the undulating Broxtowe circuit in Nottinghamshire. Both the titles were still to be decided, with F1 heading the way one of the Lee's and the top three in FWD all still in with a shot.

In qualifying, it was the Luke Lee who took all three rounds with his X-Ray to secure pole postion. Lining up second was Michael Lee with his Schumacher courtesy of a pair of seconds,  with James Greener's X-Ray in third and Michael Friebel's WRC rounding out the second row.

The finals saw Luke taking all three legs for the overall win, from Michael Lee with a barce of seconds with  Michael F edging out James for third by virtue of his second place finish in the second leg. All of which gave Luke his sixth outdoor title.



  1. Luke Lee
  2. Michael Lee
  3. James Greener

    The first of qualifying saw Ben Moorey's Awesomatix pop in the only 16 lapper to take top spot, next up was Alex Bold's Mugen MTC2 FWD, Gareth Preece and Andy Faulkes. Round two was another win for Ben from Schumacher's Andy Murray with Alex in third. Round three saw four drivers clock-up 16 lappers, but it was Ben who came out on top from Gareth, Alex and Andy, and that was also how they were going to line up on the grid.
    The first leg of the final's saw Ben  take the win  from Alex and Andy. The second leg saw another win for Ben from Andy and Gareth.. The third leg saw a win for Alex  from Ben and David Hall. This gave the overall win to Ben from Alex, Andy and David. With this result, congratulations go to  Ben on becoming this year's champion 



1.Ben Moorey

2. Andy Murray

3. Aaron Rose


[Article by Mike Haswell]

[Published by Nikita Finnigan]