The fourth round  of the 2023 season was held on the 5th & 6th August at the Wombwell circuit in South Yorkshire.


Saturday’s forecast was dismal with rain likely most of the day.However the rain stopped late morning allowing some practice during the afternoon for those drivers arriving the same day.  

Due to the limited available time for track use due local noise restrictions,  it was not possible to have any open practice on race day Sunday. Instead a decision was made  to run through allowing a full four rounds of practice and the finals. 

The usual pacesetters were Craig Nutting in 1/8th GTE and Matthew Cook in 220 GT. 1/8 GT8 Nitro and 200mm Touring were more open.


The final qualifying positions were as follows :


GT8 Electric


TQ Craig Nutting 

2nd Adam Griffith

3rd Andy Travis


1/10 IC 220mm GT

TQ Matthew Cook                

2nd Adam Southgate                     

3rd Richard Boult  


1/10 200mm Touring

TQ Neil Wallace            

2nd Dev Mahatme                 

3rd Nigel Philpott           


GT8 Nitro

TQ Rob Scott

2nd Alex Bold

3rd Michael Ball



B Final 220 GT


This final included the 200mm Touring drivers. Phil Edwards led most of the way    eventually being caught by a charging Neil Wallace. Jim Beesley took the next position with Dev Mahatme next to finish.

1st Phil Edwards (Serpent) 

2nd Jim Beesley (Serpent)                    

3rd Ian Hartill (Serpent)  


A Final 200mm Touring 

The podium classification was as follows:


1st Neil Wallace (Serpent)

2nd Dev Mahatme (Capricorn)

3rd Nigel Philpott (Capricorn)


A Final GT8 Electric 

Craig Nutting took the first two legs ensuring the win. Adam , Andy and Trevor Kersey battled it it over the three legs for the remaining podium positions.


1stCraig Nutting(X-Ray)

2ndAdam Griffith

3rd Andy Travis (Harm)  



A Final GT8 Nitro

This was the most competitive final of the meeting with a close tussle all the way between the experienced Michael Ball and young Alex. Always  only a few seconds apart Alex eventually took the win, finishing just  12 seconds ahead of Michael. Paul Dewsnap took another podium finish. 


1st Alex Bold 

2nd Michael Ball

3rd Paul Dewsnap

An enjoyable weekend’s racing and credit to Trevor and the rest of the team  for smoothly running  the meeting and getting finished before any rain on the Sunday.